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It seems I’ve been added to a PR contact list, and in this instance I’m especially glad. Today is the launch of the waterproof wooden watch by Pacific Standard Time Company. It’s extremely stylish and unique, although in my opinion it might be the slightest bit overpriced.

What exactly is so great about this watch? The fact it’s entirely (and I mean everything, even the band) made of solid Hawaiian wood. Bring a bit of exotic style into your life with the multiple styles of wood.

The front of the watch sports not a glass window, but a pure sapphire crystal window. This enables insane durability, preventing scratches and shatters easily.

There are three embossed metal crowns letting you use the various functions of the watch. The accent of the steel plays nicely with the wood of the watch.

The inner casing is made of stainless steel, and it encompasses the custom hands. They resemble spears, and help add to the outdoorsy, Hawaiian feel.

I’m not too informed about analog wristwatches, but for y’all out there who are, the wooden watch sports Swiss made quartz movements…good or bad?? I have no clue, honestly, but if it’s anything like the rest of this device it won’t disappoint.

Of course, as a utility piece you need it to last. The battery should hold up just fine with a 54 month life. If you’re running low on juice, pull the stem outward and it will cut battery consumption by up to 70%. I was hoping for a bit more detail about what it actually does, but hey, it should work.

You might be afraid of the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the watch. Have no fear! Pacific Standard Time Company is making strides to help in this respect. This is right off of their Kickstarter:

As the wood types we use are precious materials; and we won’t cut down any living trees, timelines might have to be extended if demand greatly exceeds our expectations. We already have found enough trees for a first batch of watches and if need be we will start sourcing more!

There are two different models you’re able to choose from. The first is Milo:

This wood has rich red and brown colors with a delicate grain, and is highly respected throughout Hawaiian history. Milo was only available for Hawaiian chiefs who used it to craft their furniture, canoes, paddles and bowls.

Secondly, you have Koa:

This native wood is legendary in Hawaii, and is highly revered and even considered sacred. Koa actually means “Brave, Bold and Fearless” in Hawaiian. The warriors of King Kamehameha the Great created their weapons and canoes using this precious wood. 

I wouldn’t have been able to explain those any better myself!

The watches are waterproof to 100 meters, which is plenty for most people. Don’t go diving with it, of course, but…why would you anyways with a normal watch on. Not only is it the world’s first waterproof wooden watch, but it’s also the world’s only!

Overall I think the waterproof wooden watches look like incredibly beautiful devices. I’d love to get my hands on one for a few videos and maybe a review; I’ll see what I can do. Until then, back their Kickstarter ASAP. Watches start at $165 pre-ordered, and jump to $595 MSRP after the preorders are either over, or all accounted for. Again, the MSRP seems a tad bit much in my opinion so snag one cheap while you can!

Note: For every watch sold, Pacific Standard Time Company will plant a new tree!