The Field Rucksack

Manufacturer(s): Standard Pacific Goods

Dimensions: 19" Tall x 13" Wide X 6.5" Deep

Official Website: Standard Pacific

Release Dates
Tue 22 Mar, 2016

Tech News

Yup – I’m back at it again with another bag preview! If all goes well, there might even be more to come ūüėČ

Let’s get right into this one.

The Field Rucksack by Standard Pacific Goods is¬†currently on Kickstarter and has already reached its goal, which is super awesome considering it’s only been live for a few days. I’m expecting great things out of this bag!

The best way to quickly describe this bag is found on the campaign page:

Why do you have to choose between a rugged outdoor backpack with no style OR a fashion-focused backpack with little to no durability? With THE FIELD RUCKSACK you get BOTH – a great looking bag that is built to last!

That’s exactly what the Field Rucksack is: a stylish, functional, and rugged outdoor bag.

I’m especially interested in this bag considering the fact that it looks like another perfect EDC/tech bag. The KP Sling was an awesome bag, but it’s not a laptop sized bag which is an issue for me at times. It would be great to find a bag that works flawlessly to transport EVERY item I own. No, I’m not homeless all of a sudden, but when traveling it’d be priceless.

The bag sports a fleece front pocket to protect your electronic devices (tablets, phones, etc). It likely and logically can’t hold more than a few at once, but that’s not a huge deal – there’re more pockets to be found!

For the adventurer or thirsty camel out there, Standard Pacific Goods has included a really cool space for your drink. It’s thermally insulated to keep your beverage heated or cooled. Now, it’s not actually heated or cooled – it works sort of like a lunch bag to only trap what heat is or isn’t there.

The bag’s chassis is made of water-resistant nylon for durability and style. There are waterproof zippers and a leather handle to help your overall experience be that much better.

Carrying all your gear around is sure to make you tired, right? Wrong – to an extent. While Standard Pacific Goods can’t inject energy and strength into your body like a nice gym can, they can make your trek super comfortable. There’s compression molded support for your back. In addition, they include ventilation so you don’t sweat all over your tech.

Feel like this bag won’t be big enough for you? Expand it! There are a few clasps along its perimeter which can expand storage when unclipped. In addition, the bag opens completely up due to the clamshell design. This will let you fit more in the bag, and once full, fold it in half and give it a good zip-up. You’ll be all set.

Included with your Field Rucksack purchase is the Fresh Pack – intended to be used as¬†a bag for your shoes, primarily¬†for protection. It’ll let you keep dirt out of your bag, and scratches off of your new kicks. The Mesh Pack is where your toiletries will go, no matter what they may be.

Surely you won’t want to rep the Field Rucksack alone, right? Let it hang out with its friends, the Field Wallet and Field Keyhook. The wallet is a minimalist, thin wallet made of leather, and the aluminum and leather keyhook is just what it sounds like – no explanations here.

One stretch goal has already been reached in the form of the rain fly bag. This lets the bag stay water resistant under the heaviest of downpours. It’s even included free with your pledge!

I’m extremely excited to get my hands on this bag at launch, understandably, and it wouldn’t be possible without Bryan (remember Bryan from KP? It’s the same guy!). So thanks to Bryan and the guys at Standard Pacific Goods for letting me know about this awesome piece of gear, and for giving me the chance to check it out this fall.

Don’t forget to back the Field Rucksack here¬†– you have 42 days to do so as of this writing. You shouldn’t be disappointed!

Source: All-Adventures Backpack - THE FIELD RUCKSACK