Manufacturer(s): KP

Dimensions: 9" length x 21.5" width x 10.5" depth (Inches) -- 23 length x 55 width x 27 depth (centimeters)

Weight: 3 lb -- 1.36 kg

Official Website: KP

Release Dates
Tue 19 Jan, 2016

Tech News

I do a fair bit of traveling, and when I do, I turn to my huge pile of duffle bags in the storage room. Depending on the trip, I have to choose a different bag. But what if there could be a universally compatible, completely adaptable, yet still stylish travel bag? KP has your back with their newly-launched Kickstarter for the KP Duffle. The campaign went live this morning and has already raised over 3 times its desired funding. Whoa!

Made of high-quality, scratch proof PU leather with a durable ripstop nylon (just what it sounds like: stops rips) interior, this bag will last from America to Zimbabwe. PU leather is a nice alternative to real, animal-sourced leather due to its vegan nature and increased durability. The inclusion of Zamak zincĀ zippers and clasps throughout the bag also lend even more durability to the bag. As with their other popular product, the KP Sling bag (coming soon to Roobla), this bag is water resistant partly due to enclosed zippers to keep out moisture. On the bottom of the bag are a few short pegs to keep the bag off the ground, and on point.

You can’t have a great travel bag without pockets, and the Duffle definitely brings some to the table. There are sixteen individual compartments, including a separate, ventilated shoe compartment as well as a phone pocket, a water bottle pocket (concealed), and a spot for your wallet.

Adding to the feel of the bag, a large, wide strap is included to help you get through your long trip with no discomfort. There’s a shoulder pad included, and if it’s anything like the one on the Sling bag, it’ll be filled with a gel-like material and you’ll barely realize it’s there. The handle is also nice and large, offering both grip and comfort.

Need a pen quick, or speedy access to your keys? There’s a slot for both on the outside of the bag, within easy reach of you but out of the way of swift hands.

Storage is also quite important within the bag as well. That’s why there’s a ton of mesh pockets lining the interior, and an optional dopp kit. What’s a dopp kit? It’s a separate, smaller bag you put your toiletries in. Let me tell you this: they’re extremely handy when traveling, especially in hotels. All you do is reach for one thing and out comes your razor, toothbrush, soap, floss, and more in one convenient, zipped bag. In the KP Dopp kit, you get more mesh pockets and more PU leather on the outside. In case of a spill within the Dopp kit, the contents in your Duffle will be safe, helped by the PU leather and the separation.

The bag is certified to meet airline requirements as carry-on luggage.

Built into the side of the Duffle is a utility hatch. This provides easy access to tech accessories, including battery packs, cables, and maybe even a few extra phones or iPods.

Speaking of tech, if you’re not a huge traveler this bag could possibly serve your needs as a larger tech EDC bag. It’d possibly work for larger gear such as cameras, tripods, laptops, and the like. Of course you’ll want to add your own dividers and cases, but it’d be totally achievable.

The bag overall has a really different look, sort of a slanted curve versus the normal rectangle of a standard duffle bag. It features a really cool color contrast (currently black/sky blue, more colors will possibly be added later), something KP is great at. Their brand shines through in all aspects of the bag, from the little details to the big features.

I’m hoping to get a full hands-on of this bag shortly and will keep you updated on the site if anything changes. I’ll plan on doing a first impressions video over on TechSession as well, so stay tuned over there. In the meantime, check out KP here and go fund the Duffle here. Stay tuned for a review of the Sling bag, and let me know below if you’re digging this bag as much as I am so far.

UPDATE 2 Days Later: The Duffle has raised nearly TEN TIMES its desired funding. How many days are left in the campaign? FORTY ONE. This will be a product to keep an eye on, folks.

UPDATE 9 Days Remaining: The Duffle has now raised $455k…insane! That’s over 3,000% of what they wanted to raise….I’m blown away!!

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