Tech News

Today released a new tool to aid with device repairs called Jimmy.

Jimmy is a thin, flexible, sturdy steel blade on a rubber handle that can go almost anywhere. According to iFixit, these features make it “easy to “jimmy” devices open.”

For those of you who have never heard of iFixit, it’s basically a website that encourages repair, and at the least, recycling of old or broken electronics. They offer both parts and guides to help you repair anything from your Porsche 911 to the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3. And, if you’re feeling curious, you can check out the teardowns page to see inside of the latest gadgets without risking your own.

But back to Jimmy.

(He? It?) could really help out repair technicians such as myself with getting broken screens swapped out. I specialize in Apple device screen replacement, specifically mobile devices, and I’ve found out that it’s not the easiest task to get the screen off. This is because of the hard to use tools, and the copious amounts of adhesive that Apple lays on their devices. Sometimes I want to open a device up, so I go to my repair kit and check for a plastic opening tool to get the screen off, but I have none. They’re either chewed up from previous use (rendering them useless), or they’re all gone because I forgot to restock. Or, I get the screen up, not off, and the adhesive pulls it back down. Ugh! With the Jimmy, iFixit has hopefully put an end to these problems. The thin metal blade can slide between the narrowest of cracks to pry up screens and connectors, and slice through whatever adhesive even Apple throws at it. Or, as the company itself puts it, Jimmy can “slide, cut, twist, poke, slice, part, uproot, divide, lift, dissect, separate, and pry.”

And it’s not too expensive either.

iFixit’s product page for the Jimmy (linked above) puts the sale price at $7.95 from $9.95. And, with the special coupon code HELLOJIMMY, you can get one for yourself for just $5 (plus shipping and taxes) now through Monday, September 9.

I plan on purchasing this to make repairs a breeze. If you decide to get it, let me know in the comments why you got it and how it’s working for you.