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I just so happened to find the material for this article by total accident. Really.

I was browsing Apple’s website like I often do when I’m bored, and I noticed a cheaper iPod touch. I really didn’t know Apple changed the iPod touch base model, so I thought they must’ve added a totally stripped down version at a cheaper entry price. Luckily, I was wrong. Apple, in their recent moves to make their products more accessible at cheaper prices, involved the iPod touch 16GB in the fun.

This base model used to come in one color with no pin for the iPod touch loop, and no rear facing camera. It carried a fairly hefty price at $229. Apple changed all that with the latest $199 update to the model. It now comes in all the standard iPod touch colors in addition to the silver it once exclusively came in, along with a place to snap in an iPod touch loop, and a 5 MP rear facing camera.

If Apple wants to attract more customers with lower prices, they’re hitting the nail on the head. I think that this will really help gain customers who didn’t want to shell out the money for a more expensive model just to get some of its exclusive features. Apple has been doing that a lot lately, recently with the  MacBook Air and the iMac, without compromising much.

Will you be getting a new Apple device now that prices are lower for some models? Leave it down in the comments!