Each year Apple holds a developer centered event called the Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC for short. At the conference, new mobile and desktop operating systems are revealed, as well as new tools and frameworks developers can use to make better and better apps.

Before the conference, Apple sends out invites to the press. This year’s event runs from June 8-June 12, and the invites have started coming out. They’ve got a theme going year over year where they release a teaser-ish design on the invite. This year’s is shown at the top of this post. And it’s really gotten me thinking.

Besides the obvious reveals such as a new version of Mac OS X and iOS, myself as well as many others in the tech community are thinking a new Apple TV may be in store. It’s in dire need of a refresh, having not been touched for a couple years. In addition, it doesn’t support the ever more popular 4K resolution.

People are also speculating that Apple might totally revamp their music services. iTunes is, well, a mess. And what better way to work with music apps than to bring in the Beats team after their recent acquisition by Apple. Beats Music plus iTunes, revamped, could be a killer app. The iOS 8.4 beta has a brand new Music app, which could help users ease into a change.

“But Nathanael!” you ask. “What makes these ‘bold claims’ if everyone agrees with them?”

That’s where it gets interesting.

Take another look at the image.

WWDC 2015 logo, found on the invitations
WWDC 2015 logo, found on the invitations

Notice how the center of the image tells about the “epicenter of change”. That makes me think that Mac OS X and iOS might possibly be merging. The “epicenter” could refer to one unified OS over the next years. The “epicenter” of Apple’s devices, all running one OS. It’s a LONG stretch, I know, but they’re Apple. They always throw curveballs. Not only that, but the shapes on the outside are reminiscent of iOS and Mac icons as well. The Mac has round icons, and iOS has square ones. In this picture, the icons are alternating which leads me to believe that they could be interdependent on one another in a new version of “iOS X”, or whatever it’d be called.

There have been countless rumors about a merger in the past, but Apple’s never delivered. I think it’s a great idea for the long run. With companies such as Microsoft merging the tablet with the laptop, this could be a killer idea. I can only imagine the possibilities: just think of┬árunning iOS apps such as Instagram on the desktop. This feature already works with Android apps on the Chromebook, but who buys Chromebooks? I know I’d sure use that feature if it ever came to the Mac.

So yes. That’s my crazy idea about what this logo stands for. I’m going to be absolutely stunned if I’m right because the chances are just not in my favor. But hey, you never know, and here’s to hoping!

What do you think this logo means? Sound off in the comments, hit me up on Twitter, whatever floats your boat. Be sure to share this fine piece of work as well, as it really helps out me and the site.

But I swear, if this idea is right, somebody owes me big time!