Tech Feature

Sometimes the tech-savvy among us need to show or hide files that are, by default, hidden from the user. This enables things such as creating bootable installation discs, or simply doing some interesting, albeit risky, exploration. You can install apps that do this for you, or you can go into Terminal. But I wanted to find a DIY solution. I tried using Automator, which I had never touched before, and it was a failure. So, I took to the Apple Support Communities and posted a question. Here’s what I found out, and now use.

Thanks to user baltwo, I realized I was taking the difficult approach. They suggested I use AppleScript instead, with the following script as an application. It will toggle hidden files on and off with one click.


          do shell script “defaults read AppleShowAllFiles”

on error

          do shell script “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 0”

end try

if (do shell script “defaults read AppleShowAllFiles”) is equal to “0” then

          do shell script “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1”


          do shell script “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 0”

end if

do shell script “killall Finder”

If you don’t want to do this yourself, or don’t know how, I have attached the file for your convenience. Just click here and download. For any questions, leave them in the comments!