Review: SunnyCam Exteme Edition Video Recording Eyewear

A comfortable to wear recording device that avoids the need for cumbersome cameras strapped to your person to record those moments of action.

When it comes to recording those moments of action, the camera of choice for the past few years has been the GoPro. A small durable camera that can be fixed to a helmet, dashboard or strapped to a wrist mount or across your chest. However at times having a bulky item about your person, adding weight or disrupting your view can be cumbersome and at times irritating. This is where SunnyCam’s camera glasses come in.

Upon first trying on the SunnyCam Extreme Edition, the more advanced of the range of three pairs available (Extreme Edition, Activ Edition & Sport Edition), I was immediately surprised at how comfortable they were to wear. A tight fit around the head keeps the glasses secure on your face rendering the need for the included strap unnecessary for less energetic activities, though it would no doubt come in handy for those situations where if the glasses did slip from from your face they would be irretrievable (i.e. rock climbing, skydiving etc).


I initially tested the glasses whilst driving in order to understand the controls, suffice to say “easy to use” would be an understatement. One button located on the right arm is held down to power on the glasses and immediately start recording (a small red light flashes just above the bridge). Hold down the button again and recording stops. Still images can also be captured by pressing the button once. Footage is transferred to any device with a USB connection and that sums up the full extent of instructions, making the device very simple to use.


Footage is captured in 1080p HD at 30fps and stored on a very generous 16GB internal memory. The built-in battery lasts a good 1 hour – taking only a couple of hours to fully charge – but could easily be extended in the field with a portable charger. I was able to capture a full hour of footage before the battery died and this was broken into manageable 10 minute segments when transferring to my desktop, saving me the hassle of sorting through a 60 minute block.

With the camera lens located over the bridge of the nose you can be sure whatever you’re looking at is captured allowing for better direction over it’s competitors. Footage was crisp and clear even in low light and managed to keep up with my rapid head movements. Still images seemed to be of a slightly lower quality, but it’s no real loss as the main reason for purchasing these would be for video. Sound is also captured, but upon playback was unusually very quiet. This may be a fault with the product, but my attempts to find the microphone to determine the issue proved fruitless.

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During my weekly football practice I tried the glasses and even though I got some great footage I found them to be a little restrictive, particularly in terms of peripheral vision, causing me to turn my head slightly more than I normally would. I also found this when cycling, but it’s possible after repetitive use you would get used to it and learn to adapt. Another negative issue I found was my appearance when wearing them. Due to the built-in battery and memory, the arms of the glasses are a little over half a centimetre thick causing them to protrude from the side of the head and make them resemble a more stylish pair of cataract glasses.

The glasses come with a bunch of accessories including a durable hard case to keep them protected, a cleaning cloth, USB cable, different shaped nose pads, clear lenses to replace the UV400 polarised lenses and the previously mentioned strap. All this for a very reasonable price of £149.99. If you’re looking for a recording device for energetic activities, aside from the visual appearance, you can’t really go wrong with the SunnyCam Extreme Edition. Simple to use, comfortable recording eyewear that can capture good quality footage.

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