Review: Penclic NiceTouch T2

Comfortable and sleek, a review on the NiceTouch T2 ...

This is the third item I have reviewed from Stockholm based manufacturer Penclic. I have now come to expect a certain standard of quality in their products, and as a touchpad that is both stylish and well-functioning the T2 NiceTouch does more than just fit the bill.

The board is composed of four rectangular buttons, a smooth touchpad and a new take on the scroll wheel that consists of a circle enclosing another miniature circle, movable in a circular motion for scrolling up and down. The four buttons consist of the generic right and left click with extra buttons for backward clicking and switching the touchpad on and off.

Designed for use with Penclic Mini Keyboard C2, the device connects through USB. The T2 also allows for connection directly into any computer or laptop and takes next to no time to install drivers ready for use.

When I opened the product and attached it to the C2, my first impressions were mainly drawn the to aesthetics of the two products combined, a refined and simple combination. After having reviewed a previous mouse from Penclic, I was keen to compare the two to decide which would be better suited to my needs.

The Penclic D3 is a delicately designed mouse that imitates the feel of a pen and allows for pin-point precision accuracy, the T2 on the other hand provides much less agility but acts as more as a supplementary addition to any keyboard and a preferred option for those who enjoy the use of a trackpad.

The scroll-circle is a welcome change to the cramp inducing scroll wheel of generic mice. The mechanism gives increased accuracy for scrolling through both documents and webpages. The space either side of the touchpad and the four buttons provide a comfortable platform to rest your wrist while typing, and overall the device is very easy to use.

Another great addition to the Penclic family, a company whose products display simplicity and faultless functionality through well thought out design and execution.


Compatible with all operating systems later than and including Windows XP and MAC OSX version 10.1.


  • Integrated touchpad 85 mm x 51 mm
  • 0,21 m + 1,4 m cable
  • Height: 5 mm profile
  • Base: 285 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 135 g
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