Review: Penclic Mini Keyboard C2

Futuristic and simplistic, the C2 mini keyboard from Penclic is a joy to use...

The Penclic C2 is simple, stylish and effective. Advertised as a mini keyboard the C2 provides ample spacing between the keys, a need of paramount importance for any keyboard.

Even with the newest keyboards it’s easy to observe the similarities they share with original typewriter from the 19th century, a device that has kept its core function with little need for digression. Room for improvement mainly falls into areas of acute design differences and aesthetics, without straying to far out the conventional design that has worked so well over the years.

The C2 is wired through USB and helpfully comes with a USB extension if required. Although the wired connection is fine for a permanent desktop station, wireless would be beneficial to allow for easy movement between computer, laptop and games consoles.

The Penclic K2 is the slightly more expensive version that provides wireless and can be bought for just under £55, with the C2 costing just under £46.  The setup is as simple as any USB dependent device and comes with three USB ports, allowing for integration with compatible Penclic products and extra slots for charging devices.

The keyboard feels as it should, with springy keys and good responsiveness. Curvature gives the C2 a 21st Century look and when combined with the compatible Penclic NiceTouch the results are even more sophisticated. It is designed for simplicity, and would not suit those who game and instead encourages a far more casual use of the keyboard.

The C2 takes away the bulkiness of generic boards and leaves you with a fully functional device that only takes half the room of standard one.  The keyboard wouldn’t look out of place on any desk and acts as an accurate prophecy to the simplistic keyboards of the future. The lack of fancy features, such as back-lit colored keys, adds to the restrained nature of the piece and makes it all the more easy on the eye.


Compatible with all operating systems later than and including Windows XP and MAC OSX version 10.1


  • Height 6mm
  • Base 285 x 162mm
  • Weight: 381g including 1.4m cable
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