Review: BE5 Cool Running Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

Borofone's wireless earbuds deliver in their aim to provide a sleek alternative to generic earphones...

I was excited to receive my new Borofone earphones mainly because in the last few years I have not owned earphones that can be described as ‘in-ear’. This is mainly due to the satisfaction with my current over-ear headphones (Sennheiser HD 25-1 II’s) which have provided me with adequate comfort and sound quality over the past few years.

My general attitude towards in-ear headphones has been that over-ear headphones are better suited for those who want better sound quality over those opting for portability. And although the Borofone BE5’s haven’t changed my mind about sound quality, they have made me realise that there is justification in owning a pair of in-ear and over-ear headphones, to be used in different environments and situations.

What I was most excited about was using these headphones in the gym. The earphones are advertised under the ‘Sports Earphone’ section on the Borofone website, and come in a box picturing fitness fiends in sports wear showing off their earbuds. I’ve had an on-going predicament with the quality of the music that is blared over the sound-system at the gym. So much so that  I decided to wear my Sennheiser’s after a week or two of torture courtesy of Jessie J and Justin Bieber, and found them to be horrendously uncomfortable and awkward to exercise with.

I received my Borofone earphones with high expectations that they would put an end to my on-going problem, and I must say from the initial unboxing even to now I have been extremely impressed. The headphones are wireless, excluding the short cable connecting the right and left earbuds, meaning they connect using the master of short distance wireless technology, Bluetooth.

Having not used Bluetooth since the days of transferring one song from one Sony Ericsson to the next, I was reminded of how easy it is to connect devices, first via my Samsung Galaxy followed by my PC. The device connected almost instantly, and a short verbal confirmation through the the earpiece helpfully confirmed the successful connection.

I streamed some music from YouTube and proceeded to wonder around my flat until the connection broke, eventually standing outside my flat before the connection disappeared completely. The pack comes with a collection of additional earbuds and clips, the default earbuds were pleasant enough and I was able to wear them for up to two hours without any serious discomfort. The buds are also fitted with magnets on the back, a clever feature that ensures the earphones remain untangled and tidy.

In regards to sound quality, based on previous experience with in-ear headphones I have to say I wasn’t expecting much at all. And as expected the lack of bass was instantly noticeable on songs that carry a lot of low frequencies. However, I was impressed with the overall sound quality. This maybe due to the quality of sound for in-ear headphones collectively improving over recent years, but I take nothing away from Borofone for creating a pair of earphones that aren’t just about aesthetics and portability.

The earphones also provide the functionality for making and receiving calls, which I  was able to test out after receiving a call at the gym. I was again very impressed,  as I was able to answer the call and talk at a normal volume to my friend who was able to hear me clearly enough to respond aptly. Part of my new and improved gym-bag inventory, this pair of earphones provide a tasteful blend of convenience and luxury.



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