Review: 10 port USB 3.0 hub by Juiced Systems

Great build, and fast transfer rates are what make this one of the best set of USB hubs on the market. What more could you want to power or connect via USB?

Juiced System delivers ports with speed in the USB 3.0 10-port hub.  This hub has to be one of the most powerful hubs out on the market today.

First thing that caught my attention was the build quality.  When you open the box you first grab the hub to pull it out and will be amazed at the heavy but solid feel.  Built from aluminum, the casing is very durable.  But Juiced Systems did not stop there – this USB hub offers 10 ports at full USB 3.0 speed.

USB 3.0 is the version previous to USB 3.1, also referred to as USB 3.0 Gen 1.  USB 3.0 supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps (gigabits per second).  This is nearly 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and is why it is named Super Speed USB.  Most manufactures distinguish the port by color coding the port blue.  Also supportive with USB 3.0 are multiple power delivery rates.  These include 10 watts of 5V power at 2 amps, 36 watts of 12V power at 3 amps, 60 watts of 20V power at 3 amps, and 100 watts of 20V power at 5 amps.  Despite these gains, USB 3.0 has been around for several years and yet not a large number of devices have supported it until more recently to make it more main stream.  This somewhat baffles me personally.

I have found that this hub is a main staple on my desk, primarily because most desktop computers offer only a few USB 3.0 ports on the back or even the front of the tower.  Most laptops only only offer 1 USB 3.0 port.  So expanding that port out to multiple ports definitely makes this a much more useful player on your desk.  I do a lot of video editing and my wife does a lot of photo editing.  This hub allows us to plug in our flash drives, external USB 3.0 hard drives, cameras, phones and tablets without a need to unplug most of them unless we just run out of cables on hand.  I also own a Raspberry Pi which this hub can power very easily.  I can hook it up without the worries or need of powering this from my computer.  I can reboot my computer and take it with me without the need to power down the Pi.

The Juiced Systems hub offers over-voltage as well as real time current/surge protection to protect devices connected to the hub.  It is driver free in win xp and higher, as well as Mac OS and Linux.  Contained in the box is a powerful independent power supply (12V at 5 amps) to provide stable power to the hub and all of the connected devices.

Juiced Systems offers several other sizes and variants of the USB 3.0 hub.  They offer a smaller, seven port model and a larger fourteen port hub.  They also have available more USB hubs with built in gigabit Ethernet adapters, Qi Wireless charging pads, USB-C HDMI display adapters, and docking stations.  But you will find they even offer portable chargers, other adapters and cables as well.  You will not find another company with quite as many different offerings for your everyday on-the-go tech bag, or with as many of the everyday around the house or office tech must-haves for you nerds.

You can pick your very own USB 3.0 10 port hub up on the Juiced Systems store, or also Amazon as well.   The full retail price is $84.99, however as of writing this article you can pick one up for as cheap as $59.99.  I would highly recommend this hub to anyone out there with a home office, who photo or video edits while on the road, or anyone just frustrated with the availability of USB 3.0 ports on their computer.  Great build, and fast transfer rates are what make this one of the best set of USB hubs on the market.

Drop a comment down below letting me know your take on this USB hub or Juiced Systems in general!

Thank you to Juiced Systems for sending me a great product.

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