Lynec DC15 – The car dashcam for those “just in case” moments

A wonderful car dash camera for those unavoidable incidents on the road.


I drive a lot. For work or for fun, I use my car often. There have been times where I’ve had near close calls with other drivers out in the road. Haven’t there been times when you’ve gotten into an accident where you wish you had proof that the other driver was at fault? Well, this dash cam does that for you.

This dash cam by Lynec sports a 2.7inch LCD screen that can take 1920×1080 @30fps video (with options for other frame rates and resolutions that you can pick from). It mounts fairly easily on my front windshield. The included power adapter cord is long enough that it allows you to configure the wires inside your car so it is not hindering your car’s look. I was able to work it in between the moldings of the car with no problems. The videos from the Lynec dash cam look good with its 170 degree HD ultra wide angle. So if you ever get into an unfortunate event like a front-end collision, you will be able to clearly see what happened. Since this dash cam is made for collision purposes, it only works when you have the device plugged in your cigarette outlet or DC power port. Also, I need to add that this camera has a G-sensor (not the gangsta kind, ya feel?). This means that if the camera is on and the it detects a sudden jolt in the car, it automatically “locks” that video file so it prevents it from being deleted or overwritten. This is super handy, especially in case of an accident.

While we never hope to get into an accident, sometimes things just happen well beyond our control. This car dash camera by Lynec will be a helpful device for those moments we least expect to happen while driving.

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