Review: Fugoo Tough XL

Fugoo packed immense sound into a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers great sound quality, which also serves as a portable charger.

I was quite amazed at the immense sound stage a portable speaker can provide.  However, the Fugoo Tough XL didn’t just stop there, but also delivers great sound in an IP67 rated package.  There are almost too many great features to name within such a portable yet tough package.

To start, the Fugoo Tough XL is IP67 rated.  The IP ratings for electronic devices rate electronics on ability to withstand water submersion, splashing or water jets as well as resistance of infiltration of particles within the internals of the device.  The six indicates that the speaker is dust tight and has been tested for eight hours with airflow against dust, while the seven indicates that the speaker can withstand being submerged under one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.  Even though the IP67 rating is not the highest it still carries some clout adding to the durability of this device.  Fugoo also tested the Tough XL for shockproofing and is stated to withstand being dropped safely from up to three feet above the ground.  In the tough category, this speaker takes first place due to the ability for being mud-proof, snow-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof.

Not only is the Tough XL deserving of its name it also suffices as a portable power bank or charger.  This is a great feature allowing you to charge your devices on the go with the built-in USB port included.   Not only does it serve as a portable charger, the Tough XL also includes a 37 watt-hour lithium ion battery that will last up to 35 hours of continuous usage from full charge at 50% volume.  This feature backs up the reason for being able to use the Tough XL as a portable charger.  Charging times for the speaker are at around three and a half hours from a completely dead state.

Connectivity of the Tough XL includes support for Google Now and Siri for voice control and speakerphone.  Bluetooth 4.0 is supported to offer up to 120 feet of distance between the audio source and the speaker. Qualcomm AptX Bluetooth is used within this speaker.  For those of you not familiar, AptX provides reduced bit rates while not affecting sound quality in order to overcome the inability to send sound data over Bluetooth.  Bluetooth is much like a data pipeline and only has so much bandwidth it can handle before users complain about poor connectivity and performance.  AptX was designed to overcome that shortfall of Bluetooth connectivity.  Not to forget, you can connect using the auxiliary cable included through a 3.5 mm audio jack just in case your audio source does not support Bluetooth.

Jumping right into sound quality of this speaker, it offers a true 360 degree sound experience.  Inside are eight Fugoo-designed CORE-XL acoustic drivers.  Included are 38 watts of amplifier power that deliver 50 Hz to 20 KHz audio response ranges.  Packaged inside the speaker are four neodymium tweeters for high end sound, 2 neodymium magnets and aluminum cores for mid range sound, and 2 passive sub-woofers for your low end sound (bass).

In closing, the Tough XL by Fugoo offers the ultimate sound experience packaged in an ultra tough enclosure, all while providing a great battery life and providing usability features of a portable charger for your smartphones or other devices while on the go.  I am not sure you could go wrong with the purchase of this speaker.  You can pick this speaker up on (click “I want one”),, or  Be careful, though, to make sure you pick the correct model of the Fugoo XL speaker.  It does come in two other versions not mentioned or described above (Sport and Style).  The Tough XL retails for $329.99 which comes at a slightly larger price point to some comparable speakers that are really lacking in sound, durability and usability by not coming with nearly as many drivers, a high IP67 rating, a built-in portable charger, and a whopping 35 hour battery life.

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Thank you to Fugoo for again sending me a great product to check out.

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