Review: 1byone Wireless Sport Earphones

Overall very good quality build, great flat sound. However, I wish they had just a slight bit more bass. Great price for wireless sport headphones.

1byone was not a brand that came to the top of my mind for wireless Bluetooth headphones.  One might say they’re a bit of an underdog in that space.  However, despite this they remain a true contender in Bluetooth sport headphones,  especially when considering the way more expensive brands and the value you receive from the 1byone wireless sport headphones.

To jump right in, the standout feature of these are, as you may have guessed, Bluetooth 4.1.  Bluetooth and 4G have typically not gotten along very well by causing interference between the two technologies and affecting performance and leading to poor battery life.  However, with Bluetooth 4.1 you achieve better power management and features to allow 4G to coexist automatically on the same device.

Battery life was at first a concern of mine when trying out wireless in-ear style headphones.  Most are lacking in sizable batteries which lead to very short battery lives.  Since this set did not have a battery inline that rests on the neck, I became skeptical of the stated 7 hr battery.  This skepticism did not last, however, and I soon came to realize this battery had some good potential.  I can get the seven hour battery life out of them without any problem.

For a proper fit the box comes with several different sizes of earbud tips and also wingtips.  I have not experienced the wingtip design yet that many other brands are going with on the market today.  But I can attest to the fact that the wingtips did add extra support in order to keep the headphones secure within my ears.  I did sense slight bit of discomfort with the wingtips pressing within my ears, however, I pretty much wear these for a full seven hours straight each day, so I attribute that discomfort to the longevity for which I personally tend to use them.  For running or exercising, you shouldn’t have have any problems with discomfort.  And if you do, the wingtips are 100% removable and included are a couple different sizes.

Included in the box are, as just mentioned, a couple different size earbuds, wingtips, and a short micro USB charging cable.  They come in three different color options (black, black & green, white & grey).  I chose the white and grey, but one cannot go wrong with any one of those choices.

Sound quality to me was the point where I give these headphones the most criticism.  They do produce a very flat sound profile.  The low end bass is not very heavy in this pair.  Mid and high ranges seemed fairly rich and full.  So overall I would say these are not very heavy in bass (which may not be all that bad for some people, and for me was not a deal breaker).  I still enjoyed the sound quality that these headphones produced.

Overall I enjoyed the build quality, three color options, battery life and comfort when working out.  1byone was not a very well know brand in my honest opinion but I can definitely say that they have earned my approval on making a great pair of sport headphones without sacrificing quality.  If you would like to pick up a pair of your own, I would recommend going to 1byone or to Amazon.  Either place you cannot go wrong.  I hope you enjoy these pair of wireless sport headphones.

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Thank you to 1byone for again sending me a great product to check out.

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