Review: MPow AquaPro

High quality durable waterproof speaker with excellent sound quality and volume to fill any room or area with rich sound. The IPX7 rating ices the cake!

Now here is an amazing speaker!  I can say that MPow did not stop short on anything regarding this waterproof wireless speaker when they released the AquaPro.  Not only does it provide great sound quality but delivers that in a durable IPX7 rated package.

Some of the great features of this speaker are what drew me to wanting to get my hands on one.  To simply start, sound quality is great.  Whether the speaker is sitting outside or inside it fills the room or wherever you are grooving with clear rich sound.  Now don’t get too excited – it is a small portable speaker so you will not have deep bass coming out of this speaker.  But you will not be disappointed by the clarity of the mid and high tones.  Even at high volumes the sound quality does not degrade or become muffled.

Carrying on into battery life it features a battery that will provide around eight hours of battery life, mileage may vary.  What I have found with most batteries is that when they are received the battery life usually improves and averages out after a couple uses.  But with this battery it worked quite well and lived up to the standard right away after the first full charge.  Included in the box is a micro USB cable for charging as is the case with most devices.

The next useful feature is the SOS button to help put out a distress call if you find yourself in a troubling situation.  However, words from the wise (or maybe not so wise) is that you do not let your small kids play with this button – you may soon find yourself giving them a fresh diaper change or consoling their frightened souls.  But all kidding aside, I found it to be a thoughtful feature that hopefully I personally never have to use.  But it’s great to have some sort of comforting insurance available in case you do find yourself in trouble.

The AquaPro supports Bluetooth 4.0.  That provides the large distance of up to around 30 meters from the source device.  Also Bluetooth 4.0 provides low power consumption features to help improve battery longevity.  Peak current consumption is 15mA or less at about 0.1 to 0.5 W of power depending on use case.  Wireless calling is also supported using the speaker for phone calls along with the built in mic.  Included is the capability to hook up to a 3.5mm audio jack as well for devices that do not support Bluetooth.

So to save one of the best features for last and what drew me to the AquaPro was that it sports an IPX7 waterproof stamp of approval.  Now some of you may not know what the IPX7 rating means so I will “dive in” slightly.  This is a standard intended for consumers to understand more detailed information about things like waterproof, splash-proof and dust proof features.  It was a standard put in place by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  The IP code consists of two characters indicating protection against dust and water.  The X does not stand for “no protection” because that would be indicated by a “0”.  The x just indicates that there is good resistance to ingress particles however not enough to rate with one of the 6 ratings.  The last character in the IP code indicates how the device can withstand water jets and also submersion.  The AquaPro is IPX7 rated which indicates that it can withstand submersion up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.  Again, that is the testing standard, so mileage may vary, but, use at your own risk.  Water would be harmful to the AquaPro if you go outside of those IPX7 rating guidelines and may cause it to stop working.  But aside from all the nerdy technical stuff, I feel this would be a great speaker to carry around with you to listen to tunes by the pool.

In conclusion, the AquaPro wireless waterproof speaker by MPow will not disappoint you.  Overall the value of this product is very high due to the IPX7 rating, Bluetooth 4.0, and the eight hour battery life.  I feel this would be a great speaker for anyone wanting the waterproof features this wireless speaker offers.  You can pick one up for yourself on the MPow Store or on Amazon.  It retails for $35.99 so the price tag makes this a very affordable speaker. However, you can knock a few more bucks off the price with the coupon code 75UGBSUR. This will net you $4 off for a cheaper price of about $32. The code is only valid until June 20th, 2016, so hurry!

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Thank you to MPow for again sending me a great product to check out.

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