Lynec AC65 – The Sports Action Camera on a budget!

For the price, this sports action camera holds up well to the more expensive competition.

When we think of Sports Action Cameras, we think of one major name – GoPro. It’s all the rage now. Taking waterproof pictures? GoPro. Rugged sports action cam? GoPro. If you can afford one, it’s a sure bet that the GoPro is on top of your wish list. But what about those who are on a tight budget? Well, you should definitely consider the Lynec AC65.

This Sports Action Camera by Lynec acts much like its expensive counterpart: rugged sports action camera, underwater camera, joyriding camera, you name it. Whatever the major name does, this little baby can do it just as well.

The camera itself is a tiny package of goodness. The Power/Menu button in the front of the camera, the Camera shutter button on the top also acts as the OK button in the menu, and the right side of the camera has the zoom/up down buttons. The camera itself is pocket-sized and could be taken anywhere if you choose to rock it without the case.

The added bonus of buying the Lynec AC65? The kit is all included. Yes, you read that right, everything that you need to mount this baby on your dashboard, bike, and other surface are all included. It also includes an extra battery which you will definitely need. Most action cameras have not-so-great battery life and this one by Lynec is definitely in line with that. Most would last about an hour or two in one single charge and that’s about on par with what you’ll get from the battery and Lynec’s is no different. But good thing you have an extra battery included already, right? That’s what I said.

The camera shoots video in 1080P in 30FPS, but also has options for 480 in 60fps. The camera shots are also visually pleasing, although not in the same breath as your point and shoot cameras. However, it certainly does a fine job capturing shots with its 170 degree wide-angle lens. I will include shots of the camera in action below.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to brand-name sports action cameras, I definitely encourage you to check this one out by Lynec. The Lynec AC65 is worth every penny of what you will pay for, and then some.

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