VRS Design High Pro Shield iPhone 6/S Plus – The Revision

Nailed it...again!


As most of you may know by now, I have been using VRS Design for quite a while. Their cases are not only super affordable, they also protect your device very very well. This revised version of the High Pro Shield accomplishes just that.

So what’s changed? Plenty of things besides the VRS logo (formerly known as Verus). From first look and feel, the bumper of this case has been redesigned to be a little rounder around the edges compared to the previous version of the case, which was a little boxy. The TPU that surrounds most of the case has also been redesigned a little bit to “hug the corners”, so to speak, allowing you to have better grip of your iPhone. With both of these revisions, the phone and case combination feels much smoother and slimmer, which is something I always welcome in cases.

Not everything about the case was redesigned however, which is a good thing. As with the previous version of this High Pro Shield, the front of the case still has a lip that allows you to place your phone face down on a flat surface. The cutouts for the camera, vibrate toggle, Apple logo, as well as the earphone and lighting jack, and speaker grill remain the same. The raised up buttons for the power and volume buttons also remain and seem to have been revamped as well with the change in the bumper.

Just when you think there isn’t anything else that could be done with this case, VRS Design surprised us with a redesign. And you know what? They nailed it! This case is amazing and continues to be on my phone. The redesign was a nice change to the previous one, allowing you to have a slim and sexy profile on your iPhone with the case on. If you’re looking for a great phone case for your iPhone, then look no further than this case by VRS Design. Kudos!

If you would like to check out the VRS Design High Pro Shied for your iPhone 6/S Plus, you can check out their Amazon store link here.

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