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Review: RAVPower 20100mAh External Battery

A Quick Charge 3.0 battery pack with the perfect amount of life for powering your devices on the go. The support for USB-C is only icing on the cake.

For a single word to sum up this portable USB-C charger (external battery), the word that is the most fitting would be prodigious.  The design, functionality, battery life, value and portability are amazing.  There is enough battery life to charge your phone or tablet multiple times before recharging.

This wastes no time in bringing me straight into the battery life.  I have had this charger for over a month now and have only done the initial charging.  I currently have an LG G3 and frequently run out of battery throughout the day or while traveling.  I have charged my phone via the Quick Charge port about three to four times so far.  And afterwards, I’m still left with over half charge on the battery. I can honestly say that this would make an amazing charger for the travel tech bag. You would not have a problem charging your tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, or even powering your Raspberry Pi on the go. Overall you should be able to charge your device anywhere from five to eight times depending on the device.  You should be able to fully recharge this battery within 4.5 hours. I was able to give my phone a charge using Quick Charge starting at about a 25% charge to full charge within one hour.  This leads me into the functionality features of this battery.

USB-C is all the latest in USB connectivity and charging tech.  Even though not very many smartphones or devices don’t yet support it,  you are only future proofing the gadgets you have in your tech bag.  I myself don’t have USB-C at the moment but what attracted me was that my next phone more than likely will have USB-C.  So for future proofing, I give this battery lots of props.  But then to top it off, the battery offers Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.  Having never owned a Quick Charge charger in the past, I was amazed.  Yes, I know, Quick Charge has been around for awhile but either way I loved this feature.  It is the 3.0 version of Quick Charge which doesn’t really improve much in charging times over 2.0.  What it does offer, though, is more intelligent charging modes over 2.0.  Many of you may not know but most of the latest device batteries and chargers support several charging modes.  This all determines how efficient the charging is and how fast and full the charge is while charging.  With Quick Charge 3.0, intelligence between battery and charger make the process even more efficient as well as support a much broader range of charging modes.  This battery uses what RAVPower dubs “iSmart”.  iSmart optimizes current for your device which optimizes charging time.

Not only is this battery full of features, but it also presents itself with quality design and durability.  A button for keeping track of battery life and then a mesh bag are included with the battery.  The mesh bag adds a little bit of style as well as carrying functionality.   The build quality is very sturdy, so even though the outer shell is made of plastic the battery itself increases the weight to add to the durable feel.

Portability is highly present due to the size of the battery.  It is just a little larger than a larger sized smartphone with just a little bit more thickness.  Not a problem at all considering the ultra high battery life offered up by the battery.

The overall value of this battery is something you cannot hardly beat.  RAVPower offers this battery for a retail price of $55.99.  This is not bad at all considering the competition and all the fully packed features included in this battery.  I would highly recommend this battery to anyone looking to have extra power to carry around with them while on the go.  You can pick one of these up for yourself on the RAVPower store or, as always, on Amazon.

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Thank you to RAVPower for again sending me a great product.


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