Hybrid and Electric Cars – Bringing change to this fossil-fuel dependent world

The advancement in technology for our cars has been an amazing revolution to witness and marvel at.

Hybrid and Electric cars are the new “in” thing here in California (I’m only able to speak of this because of the amount of electric and hybrid cars I see on a daily basis). From the Toyota Prius, to Honda Fit, to the Chevy Volt…more people are joining the revolution of owning either a hybrid or an electric car. In fact, from personal experience, I used to own a gas-guzzler of a car (BMW 335IS) and it cost SO MUCH MONEY to gas up. I would spend upwards of $200 a month for gas, which is very costly. Late last year I decided to give up this lifestyle and looked into hybrids and electric cars as I was done paying so much money for gas. I ended up with a Toyota Prius Hybrid and let me tell you, it has been the smartest decision I’ve made in recent memory.

The Prius Hybrid has been around for a number of years, and has been at the head of the table in terms of people flocking to their nearest car dealerships to get one. The thought of having to rely less on gas was amazing. From personal experience, I am able to drive around 400 miles before having to gas up. How much do I spend on gas, you ask? $50 a month. Yes, you read that right, $50. If I’m only driving locally, I only gas up twice a month, if that. My job entails me to drive around so this is on par for me. From spending $200 down to $50 is a big difference. The technology behind these hybrid synergy systems is plain amazing and life-changing. Mind you, this is for those of us who choose hybrids, but what about electric cars?

Electric cars such as the Chevy Volt, Tesla Model X, even the BMW i8 and i3 have gained some steam in the market. The thought of completely eliminating the use of gas is a game-changer. And people are at least entertaining the thought of being part of the revolution. Tesla opened up a pre-order for their cheaper electric car model, the Tesla 3, to the public and have had major success. People were required to pay $1,000 up front to reserve their own electric car and so far, 276,000 consumers have preordered. That number is a staggering amount for a car that has not even been demoed yet.

The advancement in technology for our cars have been an amazing revolution. Having to rely less on fossil-fuel allows us the opportunity to marvel at the technology that these car makers are implementing for the consumers to enjoy.

What do you think about this tech revolution we are experiencing in the automotive industry? Are you a part of it already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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