VRS Design High Pro Shield for the Nexus 6P thoughts

VRS Designs has done it again! They continue to amaze me with their amazing design.

I myself am a long-time user of VRS Designs. From my iPhones and now to my Nexus 6P, they have done it once again with their design.

The case itself is made up of two sections: first being the strong TPU that surrounds the majority of the case, and the second being the polycarbonate bumper that goes on top of the TPU for added security. The case has cut outs for the camera, fingerprint sensor, USB-C port and microphone jack. The power and volume have raised-up buttons that increases the tactile feedback of those buttons.

The case also has a front lip that allows you to place your phone face-down on an even surface if you like to place your phone screen-down on a table (like myself). The front lip also does not interfere with the tempered glass screen protector that I use.

The case’s weight is just enough that you feel it will withstand a drop, but also light enough that you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a brick. In short, VRS Design has done it again with another case that I will definitely be using to help protect my phone.

If you would like to buy this particular case for your Nexus 6P, you can find the link right HERE!!!

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