Portable PC Gaming? Say what?!

Could this be? Portable PC Gaming? Read on!

I was recently browsing through a few social media websites and came across the company Portable Solutions. They have news of their latest development of the first portable console that plays PC games.

The folks over at Portable Solutions are saying that this device that they will release will work with and for all PC games. I certainly hope this is true as the device looks pretty awesome already. Their site claims that the PGS (Portable Gaming System) will contain a quad-core Intel Atom x7 processor….now you know I don’t like specs that much, but I’ve only been exposed to the Intel Atom processors in mid-range PC devices. I certainly hope this processor is enough. The site does say that the processor has an Intel HD graphics accelerator, if that helps. I’m not really sure as I have never been the specs type of guy. I would rather see it in action than to know specs. We will just have to wait and see. The site also says the PGS will have multiple storage options UP TO 128gb, which I’m hoping is enough for multiple games. It will also have 5.7″ screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 and comes with Windows 10 preloaded. There will also be a PGS Lite version which basically has a smaller screen and storage option of 64.

What do you guys think? It sounds pretty awesome to be able to play PC Games on the go…but will it be ideal? I guess we’ll just have to see. Just the fact that this is in the works is getting me excited. There is no release date up yet, and only states that preorders will be coming soon. If it gets released, will you give it a chance?

If you guys wanna check out the Portable Gaming System, the link is HERE!!!

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  • It would be interesting to see how this performs from a technical point of view. Traditionally, handheld consoles like the 3ds and PS Vita are of a lower spec to their manufacturers home console counterparts, probably due to being priced lower, which also makes me think this PGS will have a hefty price tag. Anyway, I hope it does perform as well as they say it will and is relatively affordable.
    • I also think this will be an expensive piece of technology given the specs that need to be put together to make this system portable enough. If I hear any updates about this, I will definitely have an updated post of the PGS.

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