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Pre-Release Preview: CoolPi by Scott Manufacturing Inc

Awesome and lightweight case to keep your Raspberry Pi board from overheating, and also safe as well.

Here is another amazing Kickstarter project I felt I could not pass up on previewing, especially since I am a huge fan of the numerous Raspberry Pi projects going on today.  I am a Raspberry Pi nerd and lover myself and currently own a Raspberry Pi 2.

Scott Manufacturing Inc has began making what appears to me as an sleek, light, and durable Raspberry Pi case. This cases is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. A lot of detail has been given to the overall strength and functionality of this case. All the ports are fitted perfectly for your Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 devices out there. Not only does it fit the ports very well but it also serves as a heat sink for your device. There are several cutouts on the top of the case to help dissipate the heat generated by the Raspberry Pi. There are very simple and easily removed hex head machine screws for the top to hold the entire package together.  Also, one can customize the case slightly if needed by requesting a GPIO slot to be carved out of your individual case.

I am awaiting the arrival of my own case at the moment and hope to bring you an unboxing and review in the near future. But until then, keep your eye on this project. Funding will be complete on April 15, 2016 and already they are at 511% or their original goal. Again, there’s more to come in the near future on this great little case.  You can find the CoolPi case on kickstarter if you would like to help fund this awesome project.

At launch, full retail price will be $50. You can snag a CoolPi with a Raspberry Pi preinstalled as well, at $80 on their Kickstarter page.

Drop a comment down below letting me know your take on this “cool” Raspberry Pi case!

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