Review: JLAB Omni Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Comfortable, and durable build all wrapped with performance sound at an affordable price. Bluetooth connectivity makes this a great set of headphones.

Considering Bluetooth over-ear headphones are so expensive these days, I was excited to see the build and sound quality of this pair of headphones.  These are very budget friendly at such an affordable price compared to other comparable brands.  Aside from the build quality, these produce a very clear high, mid and low range sounds that are far more superior to headphones I am accustomed to with in-ear bud variants.

JLab Audio offers these headphones for $99 retail.  This is an average mid-range price for most comparable over-ear Bluetooth headphones.  JLab spares nothing with the quality of the look and feel of the box to invite you into opening it.  Inside the box you first find a leather-like carrying case which is very useful for travel.  After opening the travel case, you find included the micro USB charging cable along with an aux cable featuring an inline mic.   And lastly, the headphones themselves come folded up within the case, which makes them very easy to take along while traveling.

The comfort of these headphones are delivered by the inclusion of the cloud foam cushion with eco leather ear pads.  Plush cross-stitched cushion on the foldable headband topped with eco leather.  I wear headphones all day, everyday at my day job and I have to say, these were quite comfortable.  I did experience some discomfort on the back side of my ears after 4-5 hours of wear, but to be honest, I have larger ears and also wear glasses, which may have contributed to the discomfort.  It may vary from person to person but overall I was quite pleased.

The headset has a USB micro charging port on the left side.  Also, on the right, there’s a microphone, aux port and aux switch (in/out).  The mention of the aux switch brings me to my next point: the aux port provides not only input but also output.  You can connect via Bluetooth for sound and then share that sound to other headphones via the aux out function.  I myself would not be using this feature but I can see it might be handy for some.

One unique feature is the roller wheel and button on the right earpiece.  This provides a multitude of functionality including pause/play, answer/hang up calls, Siri controls (for iOS devices), power on/off, track forward/backwards, and volume up/down controls.  I found these controls a very nice addition so that you do not have to take your phone out of your pocket or reach for the media buttons on your keyboard.  It does take some getting used to because the volume buttons were not as intuitive as anticipated.  I found myself turning counter clockwise for volume up which in reality that was the volume down direction.

Before I forget to mention it, these are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.  There is an integrated “Siri” button on the right earpiece to activate Siri on your iOS devices.  I am currently an Android user after being a long-time iPhone user, so I was not able to test this feature out.

Pairing to your Bluetooth devices works very easily by holding down the power button on the right earpiece until you hear a couple audible prompts.  Un-pairing is just as easy by selecting “forget device” on your device’s Bluetooth settings.  The battery life of these are nothing to be ashamed about.  At nearly 15 hours playtime before needing a recharge, you will not disappointed.

To conclude, I would say overall these headphones produce excellent sound, and have a durable feel with a high quality look.  These are very useable as well with a long life battery for extended listening time.

If you would like to pick up a set of your own, you can find these on or directly on the JLab store.

Drop a comment down below letting me know your take on these headphones!

Thanks to JLab Audio for letting me check these out.

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