Review: Symphonized NRG 2.0 Natural Wood In-ear Headphones

Very pleased with the rich deep sound produced by the stylish wooden bodied headphones. The various color combinations make these fit anyone's style.

Based on experience with other in-ear headphones, I was quite intrigued by how the wooden body would affect sound quality.  I was quite skeptical about the build quality before unboxing.  However, once I opened the box I knew I had been proven wrong.  I was very pleased with the rich deep tones and high quality sound all at an affordable price.

The Symphonized NRG 2.0 retails at $45, which fits into the mid range for in-ear headphones.  These headphones do not fit in either the cheap or high end price range which is perfect for the average everyday music listener.

The packaging helped present the wooden body in a way to make you rip the box open.  And that was almost what I did.  The wood combined with the braided shielding of the tangle free cable made these a very good looking set of headphones.  These come in several wood and cable colors to allow you to choose from several styles for a custom look and feel.

I really enjoyed the tangle free cable.  I have been frustrated many times with other in-ear headphones by fighting with un-tangling the cable.  Not only does the tangle free cable reduce frustration, but also reduces chances of ripping the cable out of the earbuds.  The cable thickness also adds to the overall build quality by keeping the user from bending the cable and causing cable breakage.  In an effort to fit many different sized ears, included are 6 pairs of custom fit silicone tips (small, medium, and large in 2 different colors). Included also is an eco-friendly pouch for storage and travel. Finally, a microphone clip is included to help hold and position the inline microphone.

I would not sit here and write that I feel Symphonized didn’t miss something here in this product.  The glaring issue to me was not including an inline remote for pause/play and volume up/down controls.  These controls to me would add to the usability of these headphones.  The last thing I would change would be providing more clearly defined left and right ear designations on each of the earbuds.  This makes me unsure of if I am getting the most accurate sound quality.

However, for such crisp, rich and clear sound quality I rated the overall experience at a 9.3 rating.  The amazing sound these headphones produce is by far the best sound for the price out of any other in-ear headphones I have ever used.  They produce a very clear sound in the low, mid and high sound ranges.  I myself do not like the extra bass model headphones on the market and these definitely have the perfect amount of bass.   Don’t get me wrong, however, the bass is great for several listening choices.  Yet for an everyday user that wears these almost 8 hours a day, heavy bass is not my preference.  Another good feature was call quality when using the microphone.  The inline microphone is precisely positioned closer to the face than other makes and models i have seen on the market today.

Weight of the earbuds was also quite pleasant.  After installing the well-fitting earbud tips, I felt the earbuds were not too heavy to walk around with and be active while wearing.  The earbuds stayed firmly seated in my ears the entire time.

With that being said, I feel these headphones would be a perfect buy for anyone looking for stylish earbuds with a custom feel without giving up durability.  The price, design, build, and sound far outweigh the missing features.

If you would like to pick up a set of your own, you can find these on or directly on the Symphonized store.

Drop a comment down below letting me know your take on these earbuds!

Thanks to Symphonized for letting me check these out.

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