Review: Torque t402v

If you want headphones with great sound that give you the ability to customize to your preference, then these are the headphones for you!

I’ve never heard of Torque Audio, but I thought I would try them out. Starting at $399, these headphones are expensive, but have great sound quality, and noise isolation. 

Taking a look at the box, you are shown that these headphones have the ability to remove the ear covers and change from over-ear to on-ear. This is a very interesting feature that the t403v’s provide. Once inside the box, you are presented with the headphones. Upon lifting the headphones out of the box you will find a pouch with the cable and another pouch that contains the the on-ear and over-ear ear pads.

Torque decided to go with a square design on these headphones to allow their users to customize them to fit their sound style. They use sleek, shiny, silver aluminum to draw the users eye. Accented with a black head cushion, these headphones look very stylish.

The t402v headphones include many features that I haven’t seen on any other headphones previously. They give you the ability to change the amount of bass the headphones produce by rotating the ear pads. These headphones also give you the ability to switch from over-ear to on-ear (as previously stated).

Listening to these headphones gives you a very clear sound! The noise isolation is extremely powerful to the level that you can’t hear anything other than what you are listening to through your headphones. Along with the great sound quality, they offer ear shaking bass! They give you a musical experience that you don’t want to miss out on!

In summary, these headphones are a little pricey, but are overall some of the best headphones I’ve listened to! They combine user customizability with great sound quality to create musical experience.

Feel like copping a pair? You can do so here. If you are looking for something a little cheaper, check out the t103z earbuds.

Let me know your thoughts on these headphones in the comments section.

Special thanks to Torque Audio for letting me check these out!

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