Review: Axel Audio Headphones

If you are looking for headphones with amazing bass, then these headphones are the ones for you! They bring great design and sound for a reasonable price!

Retailing at $175, these over-ear headphones are a bit spendy, but are totally worth the purchase. You get what you pay for, with the Axel headphones.

Axel did a great job of packaging their headphones! The box doesn’t mean much to most people, but it makes for a great impression on their customers. Along with the headphones, you will receive a spare head insert for the headphones, a cable, and a nice traveling case.

My favorite feature with these headphones is the option to choose the soundscape you would like. This means choosing a style of music you listen to and they will make the headphones best suit that style of music. I chose the deep soundscape for more bass. These headphones include the best bass I have ever head in a pair of headphones.

The headphones are also customizable! They give you the ability to choose the colors you would like. Every part of these headphones can be customized all the way down to the cable. They even come with a spare head insert. In addition, the ear flaps slide onto the the headpiece making it easily able to take on the go.

Listening to the headphones is intense! They provide great sound clarity along with the bass you want! Overall these headphones are very good and keeps you hooked to the sound. They provide the best musical experience that I’ve heard at this price range.

In summary, you can be very confident in spending $175 on these headphones. They have amazing music to bass ratio and fantastic sound, which definitely drown out the cons.

Fell like copping a pair? You can do so here, if you want to spend a little less check out the Axel ID as they are a great pair of on-ear headphones.

Let me know your thoughts on these headphones in the comments section.

Special thanks to Axel Audio for letting check these out.

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