Sony release pumped promo for their new MHC-V7D high powered speaker

Sony release bass-filled video to promote their latest hi-fi system

Sony has released the above video to promote their new MHC-V7D high powered speaker, and it definitely captures the essence of the mega-bass feature.

Starting with a slow entry to the sound of electric whirring, it opens to show a cone filled with black paint. Then to the sound of Kiesza’s 2014, bass-filled summer hit, Hideaway, the paint dances in the cone, rippling like party-goers at a rave or a club.

The erratically moving waves emphasize the power of the bass from this new equipment, later including the use of sand on a flat surface to show each pattern of each sound.

The video is quite dark, until the brightly coloured paint is introduced around half-way through; blue, yellow and red jump together to the beat as they intertwine and mix to leave a highly-charged mess in the subwoofer.

After this the camera moves backwards, as if it is moving through the inside of the speaker, to then reveal the whole thing, lit-up, with the coloured lights reflecting off the walls and floor.

Available for £479 and offering 1550W level sound pressure as well as a Bluetooth connection, Gesture Control and LED lighting, the Sony MHC-V7D speaker is the only thing you will need to get people up and dancing.

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