PlayStation 4 On Brink of Selling Out in the UK

Customers warned they may not get their hands on the sought-after PS4 if they haven't pre-ordered the console.

Already available in the US, the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 is starting to sell out in the UK according to sources.

Available to buy from midnight on 29th November, the console is proving popular with consumers. Many queued for hours in order to be one of the first to own the new console which aims to make playing games an even more socially interactive experience.

Those wanting to buy a loved one one of this year’s new must-have for Christmas may be out of luck if they have not pre-ordered the PS4 already. Various shopping outlets, including Game and Amazon, have warned customers that if they had not pre-ordered by a specified time they may have to wait until after Christmas to receive PlayStation’s latest release.

The Telegraph reports that Sony’s release is outselling the Xbox One which was released earlier this month, also stating that “retailer GAME said the demand for pre-orders of the PS4 was four times higher than it had seen for the PS3”.

Opinion is split as to which console will prevail as the shopper’s choice and those looking to find one before Christmas are being warned to beware of scams appearing online.

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