Roobla is my fussy baby

  • Movie fan, still trying to get over the disappointment of The Irishman

  • Residing from West Yorkshire with a degree in Film and Media from the University of Central Lancashire. I have a passion for many genres (Horror, Documentary) and am an avid Star Wars fan. Follow my film ramblings, verdicts and zaniness on Twitter @JJB888

  • Co-founder and first cheif editor of Roobla. An avid film, TV, fictional literature and pupper enthusiast.

  • Roobla is a full-on multi-culture reviews, news and features site. Make us your place to opinionate on current affairs and favourite things.

  • I am professional and award winning writer and I graduated from Birkbeck University of London with an MA in screenwriting. My recent writing credits include the hit web series A Billion to One, streaming on Amazon Prime and the award winning short film script The Last Step. I'm currently hosting the Roobla Podcast interviewing award winning actors, filmmakers and gamers.