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Review: JLab Crasher Slim

The ultra portable, durable, and splashproof Crasher Slim bluetooth speaker from JLab has a 10 hour battery, making it a great on-the-go speaker choice.

Dan Umstattd | 2 years | Read
Tech Review

Review: Kicker Amphitheater BT2 Bluetooth Speaker (WHOA!)

When a speaker threatens to rattle your bones loose with incredible bass, I’d say it’s worth your money. The Amphitheater BT2 from Kicker is one of them.

Nathanael Bunge | 2 years | Read
Tech Review

Review: inCharge Keyring Charging Cables (iOS/Android)

This is a product that should be included with every device – it’s that good. Meet inCharge: the new cable that’ll dominate your mobile life.

Nathanael Bunge | 3 years | Read