Reasons to join Roobla

The reasons to join Roobla are growing. Here’s a handful to help you decide.

1. We make it a little trickier to join

Some may consider this a negative. However, that little extra effort it takes to join us will act as a somewhat deterrent to Internet’s troll army. We review each application individually, so those nasties trying to get in will be refused entry at the gatehouse.

2. Produce and publish your own content

We’ve developed a set of content creation tools that allow creators of any experience to construct well formatted publications, including features, reviews, listicles and quizzes. Our editorial team are always reading content created by our members and ones we really like we’ll reward with being published to the Editorial page.

3. Follow creators you enjoy

You can follow and be followed by fellow Roobla members. Their content will fill your homepage feed, making sure you never miss another of their creations.

It’s a great way to keep tabs on best in class creators and to build your own loyal audience.

4. Share creation links

You’re able to share creations you have produced or enjoyed reading from other websites. The shared creation will show up in your feed, as well as in the feeds of your followers.

5. Creation binders

Binders are the same as portfolios. Piece together binders of creations you created or like.

For example, you could title a binder ‘2017 reviews’ and then insert all of your reviews from 2017. Now your readership will be able to find all of your 2017 reviews in one place, even if they were published elsewhere. A creation can be placed into an unlimited amount of binders. So a review in your ‘2017 reviews’ binder could also go into a ‘My top 10 reviews’ binder.

6. ‘rDeck’ for opportunities

rDeck is our new dashboard for requesting PR material. Still in its infancy, upgraded creators will be able to view and request upcoming opportunities. Opportunities that include pre-release AAA games, theatrical release films, TV shows and music, as well as a number of other opportunities that will only get more prolific as rDeck develops and grows.

The system will notify you of new opportunities automatically, as well as when opportunities are accepted or due.

7. Build private bookmark lists

Similar to binders, you can bookmark published creations in private lists to come back to later. Imagine you wanted to create a ‘To watch’ list of films of which you have read reviews. You can add the review to your list and then it’ll stay there to remind you. Once you have watched a film in your list, you can just as easily remove it.

8. We are always innovating

We’re always working on new functionality, user interactions and user design. We do not want to say too much here, but the future is exciting!