Keith Flint, Maxim, Liam Howlett, Rob Holiday, Leo Crabtree

The Day Is My Enemy


Featuring: Flux Pavilion, Sleaford Mods

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The opening 'The Day is My Enemy' 'Nasty' 'Destroy' 'Beyond the Deathray'
How it hasn't been released sooner!

The Day Is My Enemy Music Review

Six years after the release of Invaders Must Die (2009), the UK Electronic giants, The Prodigy, have made a welcome comeback to power with their new record The Day Is My Enemy.

Any fans of the band will be overjoyed to hear that The Prodigy are back in fine form with what has to be one of their most electrifying, heart-pounding albums in years. Rocking straight into a number one position in the charts Keith Flint, Maxim, Rob Holiday, Leo Crabtree and Liam Howlett are taking the music scene by storm once again.

From their humble beginnings back in 1990 they have spanned a music career lasting 25 years, having sell out shows all over the world. Many people will recognize them from such songs as ‘Breathe’, ‘Spitfire’, ‘Firestarter’, ‘Invaders Must Die’, the list could continue.

The new album The Day Is My Enemy, released on 30 March, is a true testament to the band’s durability in the music scene, not once ever feeling like a repetition of their previous works.

Opening with ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ and dropping listeners straight into some crunchy drum beats and heavily modulated bass lines that everyone who loves The Prodigy has come to love. Following up with other instant classics such as ‘Rebel Radio’, the rather anthemic, ‘Beyond the Deathray’ and the crazy ‘Wall Of Death’ the album has shaped up to be something rather beautiful.

Also featuring artists such as Flux Pavilion and Sleaford Mods, and if you are lucky to obtain the Japanese Edition of the album a couple of killer remixes, The Day Is My Enemy has officially bowled me over. Already being a big fan of The Prodigy’s older material I am very excited with the concept of seeing them tour the country, making the dance floors go wild with excitement coupled with an amazing light show that once seen one will never forget.

Fingers crossed they will be the last headliner for Glastonbury Festival this year, I can only hope to such a miracle. After seeing them headline back in 2009 the hope stays strong that once again I will be able to witness the brilliance of their live performance.

The Day Is My Enemy is out in shops countrywide at this moment, and if you are a fan of the electronic behemoths then all I can say it to go out and spend the money, give your ears a treat for the start of Spring. And for those who wish to go the extra mile, the first UK show on the tour is on 4 May at Newcastle O2 Academy, a tour which ends at London Alexandra Palace on 16 May.

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