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Arctic Monkeys release new album details

The Sheffield indie rockers have now shared details on their upcoming 6th album.

Rejoice you indie rockers for new details have been announced on the upcoming album by your favourite Sheffield foursome Arctic Monkeys.

Fans have been waited with bated breath for the follow up to 2013’s AM, and now the band have shared the name, release date and track list for Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino which will be released on May 11th via Domino.

Not sure what I think about the name of the album but if their past work is anything to go by then it was be a festival crowd pleaser.

The tacklist is as follows:
1. “Star Treatment”
2. “One Point Perspective”
3. “American Sports”
4. “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”
5. “Golden Trunks”
6. “Four Out of Five”
7. “The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip”
8. “Science Fiction”
9. “She Looks Like Fun”
10. “Batphone”
11. “The Ultracheese”

It seems that there is a bit of an American influence from what we can tell, which makes sense as the band have toured the US frequently with their first tour of the new album starting in North America on May 5th.

A number of UK and Europe shows have also been announced with fans already jumping on the tickets.

The real question is that after all this time Do I Wanna Know what the new album holds (see what I did there?).


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