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The Return of the Farro?

A potentially exciting bit of news for fans of Paramore across the globe.

Fans of Paramore may have reason to rejoice over the next few weeks after a cryptic clue is being marketed on the possible return of original drummer Zac Farro.

Anyone who is a fan of Paramore will know that Zac was the drummer for the band from 2004-2010, performing on the albums All We Know Is Falling and Brand New Eyes.

After his departure in 2010, Farro started up the new project Half Noise and then carried on to form Novel American.

Now it looks as if he will be returning to the band after helping them with drumming for the new album.

New merchandise has emerged with an image of Zac as a child with the message “I’m back” being attached to it.

So Paramore fans…if this is just a red herring? We riot!

Source: www.kerrang.com

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