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When Pop Punk turns Electro – It is time to go

What is happening to Pop Punk? A slow and painful transition into SHITE

So far we have now seen the return of two major bands from the good old days of Pop Punk- Fall Out Boy and Paramore.

The two bands have released new singles over the past month, each demonstrating that they are looking to branch out and try their hand at different genres.

In a world of post-Brexit chaos, Donald Trump, Theresa May and Toblerones becoming smaller, I always believed that something good was going to happen that would make life that little more bearable. Well it seems my friends that shit is truly going downhill in all areas of existence.

When Paramore released Hard Times on April 19 I was shocked. A nostalgia-inducing video that wouldn’t be out of place being on the roster of an 80’s band videography with the cheesy electronic beats and hook. Where was the rock? WHERE WAS THE HUMANITY?! This isn’t the Paramore I know and love, this is something completely different and, if you haven’t been able to tell already, I DON’T LOVE IT.

Before I continue I must make a general disclaimer to say that these are only my opinions, don’t be offended. I know that bands must evolve, they must change and they must roll with the times, but I still cannot get over how much change there was between this and the last album which still had its basic Paramore elements.

Then we get to April 27….about 5pm in the UK….Twitter was alight with Fall Out Boy chatter. This also happened last week when the band left cryptic messages all over their social media sites. But, as the old (and fairly inaccurate saying goes in this case) “good things come to those who wait.”

Well, a week after, the music video was dropped for Young and MenaceIt is lucky I was sitting in my office otherwise I would’ve pulled all my hair out, grabbed the nearest sharp implement and then cut my ears off that second.

It is just terrible. I know the list of things I rattled off earlier are bad…but Young and Menace may just take the fucking biscuit.

Fall Out Boy used to be so good as a band. All of their albums (maybe except American Beauty/American Psycho from 2015) are amazing, rock-filled glory. But this? To quote a tweet I posted “Its like Skrillex ate Patrick Stump then a fucking hot curry then just shit all over my dreams of Fall Out Boy ever being good again.”

The world of Pop Punk is changing, and surely enough, its for the worse.

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    This author is the worst. Fall Out Boy hasn't made a genuinely "pop punk" record in about 10 years.. and Pete Wentz JUST said in an interview that "Young and Menace" is the most "out-there" song on the record. Do your damn research... You are a reporter, correct? Please name me a pop punk band that has come out with an actual pop punk record in the last 5 years. You can't. Because all the pop punk bands have grown up and moved on. I'll admit, I don't like Fall Out Boy's new sound as much as I love their old sound... but it's still GREAT. And Paramore hasn't been pop punk since about 2009 so...
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        lol I wasn't being salty.. just a lil upset that you called my favorite band "shite". I get that it's your opinion and all, but you went a little too far. Also, I noticed that you didn't comment on the FACTS that I provided for you. (Also, in MY OPINION, ADTR isn't pop punk). And lol you didn't ruin my day (I was busy listening to the song that made you almost "cut your ears off"). And it really doesn't seem like you agree that bands move on based on your entire article...
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    Well Hailey, here's a thought. This is an opinion piece, this is my opinion. If you don't agree that's fine but guess what, that's the point of an opinion. Yes I call myself a reporter because I did a course, got qualifications and have two years experience. Also, regarding bands that still are the same- Neck Deep, New Found Glory, ADTR (still the same after years), the list goes on. Seems like this article touched a nerve! Sorry to ruin your day!