Taking a peek at bands and artists currently working their magic under the radar of the mainstream music listening public and giving them a sporting pat on the bum.

Today’s featured artist is: FEMME

If like me you have a soft spot for slightly edgy, electronic pop with searing melodies, then perhaps your next port of call should be to have a listen to Laura Bettinson A.K.A FEMME.  She’d be the outcome if you were to take the 1980s Madonna, stick her in a time machine via quick pit stops in Warwickshire and South East London and arrive in present day 2013.

Honing her song writing skills from the tender age of 16, Bettinson went on to study music at Goldsmiths in London where her first foray as a solo artist came in the guise of ‘Dimbleby and Capper’ and culminated in an appearance on the BBC’s introducing stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2009. A transitional phase followed and after a period of chrysalis, the artist currently known as FEMME emerged. Should you be in need of a more legit endorsement, FEMME also happens to have Nigel Godrich (legendary Radiohead producer) in her camp and you can’t get more of a supporting pat on the bum than that, right?

Mark our words, 2014 will be a big year for this young lady.

To ensure that you’re properly acquainted and up to speed, here’s three of our favourite Femme tracks so far:

‘Daydreamer’a dreamy, summery ode to young love that’s surely destined to end up on a movie soundtrack in the near future.

‘Double Trouble’  one of my favourite tracks of  2013. Could the lyric “Dancing on dangerous ground” ever sound so melodically barbed?

‘Fever Boy’ latest release, pure fun and ever so slightly bonkers video!


To find out more and listen to FEMME, visit her website or her Soundcloud