Roobla Podcast EP 14: An interview with singer, song writer and producer Caslean

In this week's Roobla Podcast Caslean talks about her life in China learning to sing and write pop-songs before moving to London to pursue her music career

Hello everybody, what’s up? You’re listening to the Roobla Podcast with me, Tom Salmon! The show that dives into music, film and games and everything else in between.

My guest on this week’s episode is Caslean an independent singer, song writer and producer from China studying at Goldsmiths, University of London. She released her first DIY album Strolling Along The Beach in 2017 and last year collaborated with the ambient musician Brian releasing the EP Summer Ring.

We jumped into Caslean’s experience of teaching herself music production from YouTube, how she collaborated with her friends to shoot the music video for her latest single Chrismas Without You and what it is like being a DIY Chinese musician in London in 2020.

You can like, subscribe and listen to Caslean’s music on Bandcamp and YouTube right now!

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