The Architects build a vivid view of Doomsday

A sad, but albeit appreciative, view on Architects single Doomsday

Sometimes life is just awful, I mean spit in your mouth then stamp on your neck terrible. Architects have felt that with the tragic death of the amazingly talented Tom Searle who died at the early age of 28 after a battle with cancer in 2016.

But life must continue, wherein there lies the strength to carry on, and that is what the Brighton band proved.

After the release of the incredible All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, and the death of dear, talented Tom, the band release the mind-blowing single Doomsday (2017).

Whilst also proving to be a heartfelt tribute to their fallen comrade, the song hits so many different levels of emotion. With the raw vocals all the way to the partly-written music by the late guitarist, the song hits all the right notes. Aired on BBC1, the song really delivered on the heartache and the raw emotion the band do so well. I know it is not a case of cashing in on personal tragedy, it is highlighting it. With Tom being the brother of drummer Dan Searle, this song was one of the most personal things I have heard in a LONG time.

The lyrics: “They say the good die young
No use in saying “what is done is done”
‘Cause it’s not enough
And when the night gives way
It’s like a brand new doomsday
What will be will be
Every river flows into the sea
But it’s never enough
And when the night gives way
It’s like like a brand new doomsday
No matter what they say
It’s like a brand new doomsday.”

Are just beautifully real, like I mean so true-to-life.

I know you shouldn’t really enjoy something which is the product of grief, this song hits home like a 10 tonne truck (not trying to quote The Smiths!).

There is no way Architects will be coming back WITHOUT a vengeance. I for one cannot wait a single second until hell is unleashed on the millions of fans around the globe (DO ONE FLAT EARTHERS, I SAID GLOBE).

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