Review: The King Blues @The Haunt, Brighton, April 24

A glimpse into the madness which was The King Blues' set in Brighton

After weeks of anticipation for the release of The Gospel Truth (April 14), it was just a matter of time until I traveled up to Brighton to see The King Blues on their latest tour.

Packed into the Haunt near the seafront, the venue was full of eager fans waiting to see Itch and the gang storm the stage and entertain us with a solid two hour set. Before they even got on stage we had the pleasure of meeting the main man himself at the merch stall, obviously we had to say hello and join the queue for a picture!

Not long after we had probably blinded the poor guy with the flash from my iPhone, we made our way to the bar for a couple of drinks before the set. Now, me and my friend Nick had both seen TKB on various occasions, but our friends Rach and Jazz hadn’t.

The room was absolutely packed and in high spirits, don’t think I met anyone that night who wasn’t friendly and welcoming, at the end of the day we were all there for the same reason, to have a bloody riot. Considering the last time I saw the King Blues it was in the gigantic Alexandra Palace in 2016 when they supported Enter Shikari, this venue suits the rowdy atmosphere the band creates.

Itch hit the stage and got everyone cheering from the get go before launching into a solo rendition of What if Punk Never Happened, one song Nick knew every word to. Then they went straight for the jugular and pumped out the upbeat Let’s Hang The Landlord, a personal favourite and a definite crowd-pleaser to get everyone going.

It only got better from there.

Carrying on with songs like Set The World On Fire, I Want You, Starting Fires, the epic Not Another Love Song from The Gospel Truth, and then getting the fantastic singalongs of Headbutt, My Boulder, I Got Love, Bullingdon Boys and The Future’s Not What It Used To Be, I don’t think I could’ve been happier.

Then… the bloody encore.

Me and Nick made a mad dash for the centre of the crowd, trying to get as close as possible for the inevitable.

It simply cannot be a King Blues gig without the rowdy Off With Their Heads, a spittingly- angry attack on the Government and a beautifully brutal sing-a-long. I have to admit I got too into it! It has to be one of the most amazing songs live, especially with the shit storm that the UK and the US alike are facing with the current political climate.

And finally, the beautiful, the well-known, the voice-raising Save The World, Get The Girl- the song that got me into the band and the main staple of the fantastic encore.

After we filed out of The Haunt I couldn’t stop saying how amazing the show was, this had to be the best King Blues gig I had ever been to, and I aim to continue as long as they keep touring… Roll on round four!

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