The evolution of Bring Me The Horizon

A change of style for BMTH, maybe good, maybe bad, we shall see eh?!

When I was younger and I heard the name Bring Me The Horizon I would just think: “Oh yeah, that band that play music and sound like a nightmare come to life.”

This changed over time, don’t get me wrong, I love heavy music, I bloody love metal and every sense of it, but I DID NOT LIKE THEM…then shit got real.

Pre- Sepmiternal (2013) I just didn’t get on with them, I really couldn’t stand them. As with most bands the theme changes, the style changes and they evolve and that evolution was a good change.

I must admit if it wasn’t  for my girlfriend I wouldn’t have given them the chance at all but then..then Sepmiternal happened in my life. I couldn’t believe the difference in Oli Sykes’ (lead singer) voice. There was melody, there was still the harsh growl but it was something new. Then came That’s The Spirit (2015) which has to be the most mainstream album for a band ever (when compared to previous band’s changes).

This isn’t a bad thing at all, what I fully believe of BMTH is that they are rolling with the times and it is the best move they could make. Some may call them sellouts, others may just say they are shite, but I think they are clever and they are doing the right thing. Considering they have been together since 2004 they are doing a bloody good job, a lot of metal bands don’t carry on that long, granted a lot do, but they are doing it well.

It went to prove that bands can change, that the music can get more coherent and less cat-being-stabbed-with-a-blunt-spoon sort of band.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in any disrespect at all because I respect musicians and their way of carrying on through their career. At the end of the day you cannot continue releasing the same album over and over (Kanye West, take note).

But….and there is a but. Good old Oli has hinted the new album will be some sort of dark dance music…..ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL MATE?!…The band had a remixed album of Suicide Silence (2008) and that was….fine..but why move away from the staple genre that had given you so much to release… Example album?

One of the tracks on the latest album Oh No is very different, strings, chill, synth that makes you visualize a serene Japanese lake-style setting, but FUCK ME do not do a dance album!

I will end this article with one main point…what BMTH need to do is just carry on being themselves, that may be changing, it may be staying angry, but what it should mean is carrying on the heavy shit with melody.

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