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Video: Flying high – Video premiere for Bird’s ‘Crazy’

A chance to see singer/songwriter Bird's latest single 'Crazy' which will be released for download on April 7.

For those who don’t know the multi-instrumentalist Bird (aka Janie Price), have a word with yourself and get in the know.

The singer/songwriter, who is preparing to release her forthcoming album Inside Out, has already put together a music video for her single Crazy which is due to be released on April 7.

The single is a showcase of Bird’s vocal talents as well as mixing in guitar, Motown-esque drums and an atmospheric string section. As well as the original piece, the single is already remixed by the likes of AM 2 PM, Damon Hess, Bump & Flex and Adam Turner.

Speaking on the video, Bird said: “(This video is) my visual representation of the suffocation I think we can individually and also collectively suffer from in our modern society – we have freedom but we feel trapped – we want to say things but our “democracy” does not allow us to properly do so…I also wanted to put a finger up to this ” idea” of a pop star – airbrushed and beautiful, young.”

The talented artist has already spoken about her fourth album, which will be out later this year, and how it is an evolution of her sound and career. Her first album The Insides (2004) broke her onto the music scene and was then followed up by Girl and a Cello (2009) and Figments Of Our Imagination (2015).

Check out the video for Crazy above, which will be released on April 7.

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