Music 2007 – Ten Years On

A look back in time at some of the albums in 2007 that broke ground for some artists. Feeling old yet?

Anyone who has read my previous articles, especially concerning the tenth anniversary celebrations of Take To The Skies by Enter Shikari, or Infinity on High by Fallout Boy, will probably get the sense that I am a rather nostalgic person when it comes to music.

Like many years, new albums are released by a plethora of different artists, some are hits and some are complete misses, but 2007 boasted some of the most groundbreaking albums which still hold relevance in their genre until today. In 2007, big records hit the shelves in the hip-hop world, the world of rock and even the indie scene.

Let’s have a trip down memory lane and raise a glass to some of the albums which (I hope) a few of you still rep on your iPods or take up room on your CD shelf (unless you illegally downloaded them through the disease-ridden Limewire!).


Take To The Skies – Enter Shikari (March 19)

I shan’t rant and rave about this one as I have previously penned a love letter of this album in one of my previous articles, but 2007 was the launch of the St Albans band’s debut album Take To The Skies. Featuring fan-favourites Mothership, Sorry You’re Not A Winner and Adieu, the album was a huge success which sparked an amazing career for the post-hardcore/metal/dance quartet.

For Those Who Have A Heart – A Day To Remember (January 22)

The second studio album for Florida-born band was a hit with fans, acting as the introduction to the new drummer Alex Shelnutt, who replaced Bobby Scruggs, the album went to number 17 on the Heatseekers Album Chart in the US and was subsequently re-released in February 2008. Boasting tracks such as Fast Forward to 2012, which the band still plays in their most recent live shows, and also belting Monument, The Price We Pay and The Danger in Starting a Fire, the album paved the way for further success from the hardcore pop-punkers.

Puzzle – Biffy Clyro (June 4)

I find it hard to know where to start with this one (and in a very good way). Personally, I am a huge old-school Biffy fan. The trio absolutely smashed their way into the music scene with the previous releases Blackened Sky (2011), Vertigo of Bliss (2003) and Infinity Land (2005). Then came Puzzle, the album which sort of put Biffy in the mainstream spotlight with singles like Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies, Saturday Superhouse and the melancholy Machines. The band’s fourth album was huge, with adverts all over the place, from NME to Kerrang, Puzzle was a monster, receiving Gold status not long after its release.

Infinity on High – Fallout Boy (February 6)

The well-received follow up to From Under the Cork Tree may have taken a different approach to the band’s pop-punk sound but was a huge hit for the Chicago boys. Again, I shall not ramble on as I have already done a feature on this, but with singles as big as This Ain’t A Scene and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs the record didn’t exactly go unnoticed. A wonderfully catchy album!

Riot – Paramore (June 12)

Who didn’t love Misery Business?! It was an infectious and toe-tapping tune that pushed Paramore further and further into the spotlight. The successful follow-up to 2005’s All We Know Is Falling, Riot was the next step which the band needed to burst onto the pop-punk scene. Along with other (what have now become) classics CrushCrushCrush, That’s What You Get and Born For This, the record sold 42,000 copies in its first week alone and was last year certified as a double-platinum album. The band are currently gearing up for their fifth album, so obviously they are doing something right!

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace – Foo Fighters (September 25)

I actually remember physically running to my local CD store and picking up this album on release date. Excitement was not the word I could use to describe the feeling of having the Foo’s latest record. After becoming hooked on The Pretender I needed this album. Their fifth album, whilst not as magical and catchy as previous hits such as The Colour and Shape or One by One, it still housed some absolute bangers like Long Road to Ruin and Let it Die. Since then the Foos have been everywhere, releasing new records and singles and generally being one of the nicest and most talented American rock bands on the scene. As the recently confirmed headliners for Glastonbury Festival this year, there is no slowing them down.

Indie hits of 2007 

Some of these may be classed as rock to some folks, but personally the Indie scene was quite big in the UK during 2007, some of the albums that were released were phenomenal.

Oracular Spectacular – MGMT (October 2)

Christ, it has been a long time since I thought of electro-groovers MGMT. So long in fact it may have been the year after this album was released. With hits like Kids, Electric Feel and Time to Pretend, the debut album from the Connecticut psychedelics was a triumph of its time, sadly I cannot say I feel the same about the rest of their albums, but this definitely had an impact on the charts, festivals and the scene at the time. As a result, the band were nominated for a Grammy for the single Kids. This is a trip down memory lane right now!

For Emma Forever Ago – Bon Iver (July 8)

In a year of impressive debuts a medal must be handed over to Bon Iver for the phenomenal For Emma, boasting hits such as the well-known Skinny Love, Flume, For Emma, Stacks and Lump Sum. The chilled and atmospheric sound of Bon Iver struck a chord (excuse the pun) with many critics and listeners alike and led to further albums which showcased a wonderful career.

Upon its release, Tim Sendra of Allmusic wrote: “For Emma captures the sound of broken and quiet isolation, wraps it in a beautiful package, and delivers it to your door with a beating, bruised heart. It’s quite an achievement for a debut and the promise of greatness in the future is high.”

And it couldn’t have been more spot on.

In Rainbows – Radiohead (October 10)

Now I must be quick to say, I do NOT like Radiohead, be it the dreary and dull tunes thrown at you by Thom Yorke or maybe even the following they created, I just don’t enjoy them. They do have a couple of songs which I enjoy, but overall I give them a miss.

The sixth studio album for the band picked up two Grammy awards, was number 1 on the UK Album Charts, the US Billboard Chart and sold 3,000,000 copies worldwide, so however you feel about them, they smashed it with In Rainbows which was placed in the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

As the first album since the band’s departure from EMI records after their six album contract was completed, Radiohead proved once again they could bang out an album and it would be praised worldwide, and fair play to them. Headlining Glastonbury this year will be a treat for many..sadly I am not one of them. Give me OK Computer anytime.

Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arctic Monkeys (April 23)

The pissed-off Sheffield boys did it again, fresh from their success with Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006) the Monkeys hit the charts once again with a faster, harsher and meaner album which, may I just add, was fantastic. Hits such as Teddy Picker, Brianstorm, If You Were There, Beware and Fluorescent Adolescent kept building the band’s reputation as a home-grown success story which would then lead to another three albums. Nightmare received five-star reviews and sold 220,000 copies in its first week, going straight to number one in the UK charts, and too rightly so.

Admittedly I am not a fan of Alex Turner, singer of the Monkeys, mainly just because of his attitude towards a lot of things, but boy can that man perform!

Hip hop/ Rap

It would be unfair of me to note some of the biggest names in the industry (to date) releasing some of their finest work in 2007. Don’t get me wrong, I love decent Hip Hop and Rap, I do, but I just feel that maybe other areas of the music industry need the spotlight. Here are three rather big records of 2007:

Graduation – Kanye West (September 11)

Shit popped off, that is really the main point of the following paragraph. The third album by living success story Kanye West broke ground, whilst it may not have been as raw as some of his earlier work, it was a massive hit. I could simply rattle off the entire track listing and say why each one was so huge, but I shall not be doing that….okay, maybe a few. Good Life, Stronger, Champion, Good Morning, The Glory- these are examples of why so many people love Kanye.

Similar to Alex Turner, I dislike Kanye West as a person, just the way he acts, but again you cannot say he isn’t talented. Maybe not a genius, but talented at the very least. Grammys, number one spots, Album of the Year accolades, Graduation was just another notch in Kanye’s big-assed belt (not a Kim K reference!).

American Gangster – Jay Z (November 6)

The TENTH studio album by rap artist, mogul and behemoth Jay Z. TENTH! Selling 425,861 copies in its first week just goes to show how popular the Z dog is.

It was not the hit everyone was expecting, after Kingdom Come (2006) which sold over 2,000,000 records, Gangster just wasn’t what anyone was hoping for. Z has had a wonderfully long and successful career and still continues doing…stuff…I am sure?

It was topical, I shall give him that, referencing Olly North and the Iran/Contra controversy and general themes of globalization, the Z did raise some interesting themes.

Curtis – 50 Cent (September 11)

Released on the same day as Kanye’s Graduation, Curtis was Fiddy’s third album following the previous triumphs Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and The Massacre. Although it debuted at number 2 in the album charts, it was beaten by Graduation hands down. Although, with memorable tracks such as I Get Money, Peep Show, Curtis 187 and Man Down, the album was a minor success for Cent and acted as a warm-up for Before I Self Destruct.

Any albums from 2007 that are turning ten that you remember? Hit the comments section and tell me how bad a job I am doing!……Feeling old yet?

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