Why I do not care for Twenty One Pilots

Just a brief rant over my distaste for the band Twenty One Pilots

Every now and again a new band comes on the scene and seems to make waves amongst the crowds, creating instant fandom with thousands. One such band is Twenty One Pilots…..and I just don’t get it.

In a world of bands such as Green Day, Blink 182, Architects, Enter Shikari, Metallica, hell, even Little Mix, I find it so difficult to see why 21p have made such a huge impact. Now, I do write this with an opinion, and many others may disagree, but I see them as a bit of a glorified covers band. Whilst every band tends to do a cover here, a cover there, I noticed their particular take on My Chemical Romance’s Cancer (2006) had people going nuts. Why? It isn’t original, I mean christ, it is so similar to the original but with chopped up vocals…I just don’t see the appeal. I just find them a bit gimicky, and what is with that bloody eye shadow?

Also, let us just mention the song Heathens (2016) one of the songs featuring on the very lacklustre film Suicide Squad (2016). It was a big part of the marketing and had fanboys and girls jumping for joy for what is essentially a very dull song linked to a very dull movie.

Whilst I may not lose sleep over my distaste for the band, and while I can fully appreciate that other people like them, give me Simon and Garfunkel any day of the week.

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