Foo Fighters hit the (small) stage

The American behemoths of rock, the Foo Fighters, give hope that big bands will play small places.

As a long-term fan of the American rock behemoths which are the Foo Fighters, I was shocked (albeit a little bit disheartened) to hear that the huge band would be playing The Cheese and Grain in the little Somerset town of Frome.

Whilst I am somewhat bitter and annoyed that, once again, I have missed seeing the Foos play in sleepy ol’ Somerset, I was kind of happy to see such a wonderfully massive group play a small independent venue. It may have been a platform to announce the headline gig at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, but it is a great boost for Frome and for smaller venues across the country.

The gig, which is probably the worst kept secret since Jon Snow’s resurrection (sorry Thrones fans who have been living under a rock for the past two years), saw lucky fans receive airplane tickets through the post and then the sudden social media announcement that they were indeed for a show.

Oh how I wish I could’ve been one of the lucky few that stood there whilst Dave Grohl and the boys belted out such hits as Learn to Fly, The Pretender and my personal favourite Everlong.

But I won’t get angry over this for too long as this is just the start of what could be an amazing chronicle in huge bands playing the smaller venues. It just goes to prove that giants such as the Foos care for their fans and aren’t afraid to show it.

Click below to watch the amazing set!



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