For the love of punk – A King Blues story

A brief history of London-born band The King Blues and their upcoming album

London-based punk band The King Blues have enjoyed a successful career over the past ten years, mixing punk roots with ska, hip hop and catchy melodies that bring the knee-raising, skanking crowds to their shows without fail.

With the imminent release of their latest album The Gospel Truth, the boys in King Blues have shown that their constant evolution has been a resounding triumph with fans across the globe.

Starting back in 2006, recording music in a flat in Hackney, the boys released Under the Fog which landed resulted in the single Mr Music Man being crowned the best punk song of 2006, as voted by Radio 1.

In the coming years to follow, such hits as Save the World, Get the Girl, Headbutt, I Got Love and Let’s Hang The Landlord, rocketed the band to popularity. Playing slots at Glastonbury Festival, as well as headliner shows and supporting bands like Enter Shikari, the King Blues did anything but fall on deaf ears.

Whilst some die hard fans may not be convinced with the direction they have now taken, less angry and political and more towards love and togetherness, I have no issues with it at all and to be honest, I am just excited to have the chance to listen to the new album.

A few months ago, during the recording of The Gospel Truth,  fans were asked to submit voice clips describing how their last year had been and how their life had changed. I was one of the lucky people to receive a response from lead singer Itch, so now I wait until the album hits the shelves, the anticipation is killing me.

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