Bob Dylan releases a new album

Bob Dylan releases his album "Triplicate" on March 31th. It will be filled with his interpretations of Sinatra.

It’s been a long time since Bob Dylan played protest songs and shocked folk lovers with “going electric.” In the last decade or so we noticed some changes. His style became softer but his quality remained the same. He stopped composing and started playing covers with his band.

Thats normal everybody changes and now 75 year old Nobel Prize winner has a new album that will soon be released on March 31th. Dylan’s 38th studio album is produced by Jack Frost.

“I am finding these great songs to be a tremendous source of inspiration that has led me to one of my most satisfying periods in the studio,” Dylan said.

“I’ve hit upon new ways to uncover and interpret these songs that are right in line with the best recordings of my own songs, and my band and I really seemed to hit our stride on every level with Triplicate.”

Each of the three disc will contain ten songs from some of the greates American Songwriters like Charles Strouse and Lee Adams (“Once Upon A Time”), Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler (“Stormy Weather”), Harold Hupfield (“As Time Goes By”) and Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh (“The Best Is Yet To Come”). Allmost all of the tracks are originally recorded by Frank Sinatra in the period of the ’30s and ’40s.

All three discs of Triplicate will be individually titled, and their names are: ‘Til The Sun Goes Down,Devil Dolls and Comin’ Home Late

This is the third album in his series of recording his versions of sinatra

Bob Dylan, ‘Triplicate’ Track Listing
1. “I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plans”
2. “September of My Years”
3. “I Could Have Told You”
4. “Once Upon a Time”
5. “Stormy Weather”
6. “This Nearly Was Mine”
7. “That Old Feeling”
8. “It Gets Lonely Early”
9. “My One and Only Love”
10. “Trade Winds”

1. “Braggin’”
2. “As Time Goes By”
3. “Imagination”
4. “How Deep Is the Ocean”
5. “P.S. I Love You”
6. “The Best Is Yet to Come”
7. “But Beautiful”
8. “Here’s That Rainy Day”
9. “Where Is the One”
10. “There’s a Flaw in my Flue”

1. “Day In, Day Out”
2. “I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night”
3. “Sentimental Journey”
4. “Somewhere Along the Way”
5. “When the World Was Young”
6. “These Foolish Things”
7. “You Go to My Head”
8. “Stardust”
9. “It’s Funny to Everyone but Me”
10. “Why Was I Born”

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