Depeche Mode new album “Spirit” expected in March

Depeche Mode, will make you think about the state the world is in with their new video "Where's The Revolution"

Recently, Depeche Mode, released their new video “Where’s The Revolution” (see above) directed by the band’s longtime creative collaborator, Dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn.

If we listen to some of the lyrics, we might notice that this song differs from the usual Depeche stuff, as the lyrics seem to have a political message.

Who’s making your decisions
You or your religion
Your government, your countries
You patriotic junkies

Where’s the revolution
Come on people
You’re letting me down

Band member Dave Gahan did admit that some of the latest world happenings have affected him. Gahan said “I wouldn’t call this a political album because I don’t listen to music in a political way. But it’s definitely about humanity, and our place in that.”

The album was produced by James Ford, who also worked with bands like Florence and the Machine, Arctic Monkeys and Simian Mobile Disco.

The album is released March 17th, with the band planning to go on tour. The “Spirit” tour starts at Stockholm’s Friends Arena on May 5th and ends July 23rd with a final stadium show in ClujNapoca, Romania. The tour’s proceeds will go to the charity:water, an organisation whose goal is to bring clean, safe drinking water to everybody on the planet.

One thing is clear, even if Depeche Mode have changed the lyrics, they remained true to their original sound.

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