Infinity On High reaches its tenth birthday

A look back at one of the Chicago pop-punkers Fall Out Boy's biggest albums to date

In the early days of 2007, Chicago punk-poppers Fall Out Boy released their third album entitled Infinity On High, the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2005’s From Under The Cork Tree.

With the album quickly moving off the shelves, shifting 260,000 copies in its first week, and placing FOB at their very first number one position, Infinity On High marked a significant point in the band’s career. Whilst some may have argued it moved away from the boys’ pop punk roots in favour of a more poppy sound, it still marked a resounding success with fans across the globe. With sales estimated at over 2,000,000 worldwide, the four-piece safely made their third album one that people would remember.

Featuring hits like This Ain’t A SceneThnks Fr Th Mmrs, The Take Over, the Breaks Over and the well-named I’m Like A Lawyer with the Way I Am Always Trying To Get You Off (Me+You), the album wasn’t short of catchy tunes and clever lyrics (something FOB were well known).

But 2007 wasn’t all fun and glamour for the band as their hectic touring schedule started to drain them. On the day of the album’s release the boys from Chicago embarked on a journey where they would play three live shows in different venues across America in just one day. Starting with a performance in New York’s Times Square, followed by a performance in their home of Chicago and then finishing with a late show in Los Angeles, the band were all go.

In a recent post from the bassist and partial frontman of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, he writes about the stress and the constant touring which surrounded the times of Infinity on High.

It reads: “this one was strange. it was transitional. If FUCT was the caterpillar album- Infinity On High was the cocoon one. we had been on tour around the world nonstop but hadn’t really seen any of the magazine covers we were on or had any perspective of seeing our videos on TRL- it was odd how everything was changing but it felt like we were in a time capsule… this record would bring so many ideas from jay z doing the intro to working with baby face on “thnks fr th mmrs” to the flight 101 saga (3 shows in a day in ny, chicago, and la)… but first and foremost it documented this blur that had become our lives. this record more than any of the others has always reminded me of night time- both the anxiety of insomnia and the peace of being awake when everyone else is asleep. i remember before we released it i used like a security blanket listening and trying to fall asleep. i really appreciate everyone who gave this one a chance.

“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.” vincent van gogh.

But the success didn’t stop there for the band as they went on to record and release the albums Foile A Deux, Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho, so no matter where you stand on Fall Out Boy, you have to admit, they are still making waves in the music world. With a world tour rumoured for the end of 2018, one can hope that they still retain all of the magic that made their first three albums so special.

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