Review: Red Winter – Some Friend You Were

For fans of the much-loved genre of Pop Punk then I would heartily recommend giving Red Winter a go. Original, lively and talented. What more do you need?

With pop punk at an all time high, more and more bands are emerging from shadows and releasing tracks that make you want to don your Blink 182 shirts, slip on Vans and jump around with joy.

This definitely goes for Liverpool-based band Red Winter. The Merseyside five-some have been performing together since 2012, taking influence from such greats as Alkaline Trio and Three Doors Down. The Liverpool boys have jumped straight onto the nostalgia and a love that a large number of people have for the genre.

The single in question, Some Friend You Were captures the magic of pop-punk and harnesses the strengths of each individual member to make a tight and enjoyable listening experience. With solid vocals, strong guitar and bass lines and wonderfully upbeat drumming, the single should be making waves in the world of rock.

You can tell the boys have been influenced by such bands as Alkaline Trio as the intro packs a punky punch that is sure to get listeners hooked from the get go. These guys really aren’t messing around and you can tell that the band love what they are doing. Like a well-oiled machine, Red Winter are bringing a wonderful element of punk to the streets of Liverpool and the ears of music fans.

With the relevance of bands such as New Found Glory (who are now in their 20th year of performing), Alkaline Trio, A Day To Remember and other pop-punk behemoths, the words ‘punk isn’t dead’ comes to mind, and it could never be more true.

Whilst I may make comparisons to other bands of the same genre I must stress, this is no carbon copy of a 2000’s era American band, this is Red Winter, they are Scousers and they mean business. Keep your eyes on their Soundcloud and Facebook pages as Some Friend You Were will be released on February 11.

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